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Overwatch 2 Coming up with some Awesome Content in Next Season

The sequel to Blizzard’s famous hero shooter Overwatch is due to come very soon. The release window and time for Overwatch 2 are detailed here.

New Intel Arc A770 graphics card launching in October 12 for $329

┬áIntel Arc A770: For a very long time, we have awaited this moment. Intel’s forthcoming Arc A770 graphics card will be available on October 12

Best Gifts for Gamers for Holiday Season 2022

Prepare for the holiday gaming season with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles and a new wave of reducing handheld devices. Winning the holidays with gaming

Nvidia releases a hotfix for Windows 11 22H2 stuttering problems

Nvidia has had solid growth over the past week. Despite the excitement around the RTX 40 series’ introduction, several gamers have reported issues after upgrading

Genshin Impact: Yae Miko is launched into Space Due To A Bug

Using a bug in Genshin Impact Electro, a streamer named “Genshin Space Program” sent the character Yae Miko into space for some laughs. The bug,