Battlegrounds Mobile India Releasing in IOS Devices, Dynamo Gaming BGMI Account got banned in Russia

 Battlegrounds Mobile India IOS Release Date 

According to popular YouTuber Dynamo Gaming with over 9.87 Million Subscribers, it has been reportedly said that Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon be releasing on the IOS platform. People over social media platforms of BGMI Officials have been asking questions regarding the IOS release date. Recently, on the Official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India also on their Instagram account, they mentioned releasing a BGMI event, regardless of their Operating System by putting up an “Apple” Sticker.

Speculation about the release date says that the game could be released in IOS App Store on 12th August 2021, but still, it is yet to be confirmed by the Officials. The game should likely be launched sooner then later in this month.

How Dynamo Gaming Got His Account Banned In Russia

Dynamo Gaming aka. Adi Sawant, one of the biggest content creators faced a ban on his Battlegrounds Mobiel India account when he tried to log into the game in Russia. Trying to access BGMI from his hotel Wi-Fi connection, but due to regional change the access god denied and his account was immediately banned for obvious reasons as Battlegrounds Mobile India is only made for Indian users.

In his recent, live-stream from 10:36 to 13:00, he revealed his BGMI account was banned by Krafton. Dynamo promised his fans that he would devote his 60 to 70% of the time to exploring new places and would also spend his time playing BGMI 30 to 40%.



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