Best Guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India for Solo vs Squad


The game recently updated itself with some considerable changes following the Version1.5 update a few hours ago. Battlegrounds Mobile India kicked off the new system for a cyclic season but also introduced a new airdrop weapon named the MG3 and new modes.

The MG3 is quite robust, and gamers have been using it effectively to show their dominance in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Players who loved to play Solo vs Squad can use the new weapon to take down enemies with the impressive firing power that the gun offers. There are many guns that could be used to play Solo Vs Squad and still be victorious. So, we have listed several guns which are the best for such modes and would come in handy.


 1] MG3


The newest launched airdrop weapon has emerged as one of the most efficient guns when it comes to Solo vs Squad match played in your desired maps.

It provides a decent advantage over your enemies, as it fires a decent round of bullets penetrating armors and helmets. With hefty damage, stable firing speed, and low recoil of MG3 comes out to be the best weapon for wiping out squads.


2] M249

The M249 was only available from airdrops before the Version 1.5 update. But now this unstoppable beast spawns randomly in different parts of the map in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

It has over 100 bullets, making it quite vigorous with such an amount of fire rate. The weapon has the Auto firing mode, which creates havoc among enemies giving the advantage of 100 bullets.


3] M416

M416 is one of the best Guns that is preferred by the competitive players in Battlegrounds Mobile India and is maneuvered by Jonathan for clutching those 1v4 or 1v3, quite a several times proving his capability as a whole player.

It has steady fire with easily controlled recoil, which makes it quite an efficient weapon when talking about Solo vs Squad mode.


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