BGMI: Best Looting Spots and Zone precedence



BGMI is a game that revolves around survival and elimination of your enemies, these are two major factors that conclude the result of your overall match results. Players who conquer these areas emerge as the complete immersive players and would usually take those top spots with mare domination.

A quality loot could change the dynamics of the game extensively and gives an upper hand on their enemies which don’t have proper loot when compared. Moreover, a good position in the safe zone is crucial as it provides the advantage of taking down your enemies and taking the control of the surroundings, and achieving kill points. 


Best Looting Spots in Battlegrounds Mobile India

1] Erangel – Pochinki, Novoreponye, Lipovka, Rozhok, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgepool, Primorsk.


2] Miramar – El Pozo, Water Treatment, Los Leones, Hacienda del Patron, Pecado, Valle del Mar, Chumacera.



 3] Sanhok – Bootcamp, Paradise resort, Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Quarry, Pai nan, Airfield.



4] Vikendi – Dobro Mestro, Krichas, Cantra, Cosmodrome, Cement Factory. 




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