BGMI: Best titles to achieve in the game


Battlegrounds Mobile India has made a stunning comeback after it got banned from other Chinese apps. Krafton separately made this BGMI for India which isn’t different from the PUBG Mobile on the present date. Now the game has over 50 million downloads, released officially on both iOS and Android platforms. Players can now get the best experience of the ultimate battle royale experience that gamers can get in Ultra HD Quality.

Various in-game elements are responsible to make your profiles stand out as unique from your teammates and friends. One such factor is titles that you could get into your profiles and feel even better by such an achievement. 


Best Titles to Claim in BGMI 


1] Sharpshooter/Deadeye


It’s one of the easiest titles that you can achieve on BGMI is Sharpshooter. Players can who are in the Platinum tier or more can complete the challenge and gain the title by playing a solo classic match.

To get this title, you are required to shoot 3 opponents with clear headshots, with at least 50m distance or more, and those shots needed to be a hattrick/consecutive. This could turn out to be quite a trick for the players to achieve since you can’t miss any shots to be able to claim this title.

2] Well-Liked


It is one of the most straightforward titles that you can get in Battlegrounds Mobile India which is Well-Liked. Gamers will need to earn this title by getting over 1000 likes on their in-game profiles.

To get this title you will need those likes which you get at the end of the matches when your teammates have the option to rate you on their performances. By playing your game with good skills, gamers can easily achieve this challenge and get 1000+ likes on their profiles. 


3] Weapon Master


This one is quite different from the other titles where you have multiple tasks to complete by killing enemies with a particular weapon. Players will need to complete the given tasks in a Solo classic match while being in the Platinum tier or above.

This list given down below shall be completed to get the Weapon Master title:

  • Defeat an enemy with SMG
  • Defeat an enemy with Sniper Rifle
  • Defeat an enemy with Shot Gun
  • Defeat the enemy with a Vehicle
  • Defeat an enemy with Throwable
  • Defeat an enemy with Assault Rifle



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