BGMI: How to get Exclusive - Unhinged Mortician Set, Relic spin reward odds and more


 Battlegrounds Mobile India has been letting out new skins for the players, where Unhinged Mortician Set comes out to be the desired item for the players who love the game and would enjoying having such skins while playing the game. The Relic spin event offers such skins which could be obtained by spending UC (Unknown Cash) which is bought with real money, only the people who can afford it would dare to spend.


 The game always comes up with such unique costumes and kits, which players seem to love to wear into the virtual world in-game. But it’s not very easy to get hold of those kits because the luck factors play an important role in the process to get them.

If you want to get the Unhinged Mortician set, then continue reading this article to get an idea of the expenditure and tricks for procuring the set.



How to get Unhinged Mortician Set 


 The magical Unhinged Mortician set is exclusively only available in the dedicated Relic Spin event which is present in-game of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Gamers will need to go through a lucky draw by adding UCs to get the stunning set in their inventory.


The kit includes several items such as Azure Warrior – Helmet, Jade Casket Smoke Grenade, Amphibian Wings Backpack, Moth Ornaments, Unhinged Mortician Cover.


To obtain the Unhinged Mortician Set and other dedicated items from the Relic Spin event, players will spend only 10 UCs for the first lucky draw of the day. The amount will eventually increase for opening following-up draws.


Gamers can open up 10 draws at a time by using 540 UCs in one go. However, it is quite difficult to get special items and would need to try their luck several times to get their wanted items.




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