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BGMI Tips and Tricks: How to Improve your Sniping and Long-range Skills

BGMI Tips and Tricks: How to Improve your Sniping and Long-range Skills

BGMI Tips and Tricks: Battlegrounds Mobile India offers a wide range of weapons that can be maneuvered to exterminate your opponents in the virtual land. One of the deadliest weapons in close-range combats are shotguns and SMGs at some limit, while snipers gave you the upper hand in the long-range combats.

Using snipers in BGMI is a huge responsibility which is led by one of your teammates from the squad. Many factors come along while aiming at an opponent from distance. Keeping in mind, the repercussion of maneuvering a bolt-action is a brainstorming task when you need to knock the opponent to launch the following attack. Inaccuracy leads to revealing the position of yourself and endangered of being counter-attacked by the enemies.

BGMI Tips and Tricks: Improve your Sniping Skills

The five tips and tricks listed down below will help you to improve your sniping and long-range skills in fighting your enemies in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Choosing your sniper


The first and foremost important factor of sniping would be to get hold of the perfect weapon in BGMI. There are two kinds of snipers available in BGMI: Automatic sniper rifles and Bolt-action.

Bolt-action rifles are preferably the most brutal when hit at the right spot and give a massive amount of damage to the enemies you’re facing in front of you.

You should set your preferences in this order: 1) AWM, 2) M24, and 3) Karl 98. If you can’t get hold of any bolt-action rifles, players could just go for the automatic ones.

Use of Perfect Attachments

compensator sr dmr featured


Sniper when equipped with the right attachments, improves its performance even better for Long-range shots. Players should compulsorily attach a compensator for snipers, which triumphs the weapon’s stability when taken a precise shot.


8x scope featured

Extended magazines and scopes are other attachments that should be used as well. Snipers should be equipped with 8x Scope which is the best option in BGMI.

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