Freedom Face-Off Champions: Team Encore and Runner-ups Team Scout on 2nd and Team TapaTap on 3rd Position


On the occasion of the 75th Indian Independence day, Krafton announced the Freedom Face-Off tournament for some of the well-known personalities from the Indian Battlegrounds community. The event included a stunning price-pool of Rs 2,10,000, which was given to the winners from the dedicated matches played on the match day. Kicking-off the event with Erangel TPP and Sanhok FPP matches, which came to an end after two matches that were played one after the other. 


Team Encore came out to be Victorious in the overall standing after two matches with over 37 points and 16 kills, topping up the table, and was awarded the first prize of Rs 85,000.


On the second position, it was Team Scout who won the chicken in the first match but took an early exit in the second match or else would have won the tournament without a doubt. They played exceptionally well and secured 34 points with 18 Kills. Winning the second-place prize of Rs 40,000, which could have been doubled if the team wouldn’t have played carelessly in Sanhok FPP.

Securing third place, we’ve Team Jonathan, who needs no introduction for their gameplays. The team played aggressively in the first match of Erangel but took heavy damage to 3 players including Jonathan leaving Neyoo's lone wolf to carry on for the team. Luckily the zone ended up in favor of Neyoo and he was able to secure a satisfactory position in Erangel. In Sanhok, they secured 11 kills and ended up in the second position In the match. In overall standings, they had over 28 points with 15 Kills in total and received Rs 25,000.

Battlegrounds Mobile India fans loved the matches, as the broadcast achieved a viewership of over 100k live watching. The event came out to be successful in terms of entertainment with intense action-packed Erangel and Sanhok Matches. A crucial role was played by the casters, to make the event more enjoyable with their unblemished, on-point hyped commentary. This is just the start of Battlegrounds Mobile India and soon some breathtaking events and tournaments are coming up over the period time.


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