Redowl Gaming: Battlegrounds Mobile India Roster for BGIS 2021




In this line-up we have Viru, Vashu, Seervi, Ted, 420OP, all of these players have created their names in the game and need no introduction. They are pretty well known in the esports community and played under big esports orgs until the game was banned.

Their gameplays in recent BGMI scrims and tournaments have been up to the mark, but they are yet to unleash their true potential behold. The team has to perform with some great gameplay to acquire all hands on deck which leads to becoming champions of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series.

The squad is pretty much complete with Viru and 420 which provide the team essential experience. Synergy is one of the oldest PUBG Mobile Rosters which was popular for its consistency in official tournaments such as PMPL and PMWL.

420 and Viru bring some additional gun power that they require and will now tick all the boxes for a promising Battlegrounds Mobile India Squad.

Redowl Gaming is creating a strong network of content creators and influencers that will soon expand their esports existence to many more games. The gaming house is one of the best gaming facilities that they would get in India. Building up an outstanding gaming house in such a short period would be a clear indication of their arrival in the world of Esports.


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