BGMI 1.6.0 September Update: Flora Menace Mode


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Flora Menace – Theme Mode


This new classic mode will be under the invasion of alien plants. The new theme, Flora Menace Mode, will be updated to Erangel on September 17th, Sanhok on the 18th, and Livik on September 22nd in ascending order as confirmed by officials.


If you want to play this mode when they roll out, you just simply need to enter the mode by checking the Mode checkbox.

Flora Menace Mode – Rejuvenation Barrier 


Alien plants called ‘Yarilo’ will occupy some cities and build a special barrier in this mode. One of the reasons for this barrier is plants could be absorbing the energy from the city. Your health will slowly regenerate in the Rejuvenation Barrier when you’re not engaging in a fight with your opponent.

Flora Menace Mode – Dynahex Supple Shop 


A special system for the fight against the alien forces is coming out. “Nacores” a special element should be gathered from the field and press the button below the mini-map on the right to enter the ‘Dynahex Supply Shop’ where you can purchase different types of items for the battle.

You can also order advanced items like Groza, Spetsnaz Helmet, and lvl.3 Backpack. The ordered item will be delivered to your position through a supply capsule.

Flora Menace Mode – Cell Matrix

There is a Cell Matrix airship in the sky of Erangel in a certain area of the map. It used to be the hope of escaping and now is out of control because of intruders. You would need to retrieve the Cell Matrix by battling this robot enemies

Cell-Matrix appears only in Erangel and you can enter the Cell Matrix area through beehive-shaped cells which are spread across the map. You are allowed to enter the cell only for a certain period when it’s activated.

Limited chances of respawning are given in the Cell Matrix, and you are expected to fight the infected Cell-Matrix Robots. Weapons will be changing after a certain period while fighting with the enemy robots. If the chances of respawning expire, players will exit Cell-Matrix automatically and will be moved to the ground.

You can find many ‘Nacores’ in the Cell-Matrix and would also get ‘Nacores’ by defeating the Cell Matrix Robots.


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