Bgmi potato Graphics is safe or not


Bgmi potato Graphics is safe or not? The short answer is YES, the tool might not be safe for your account. GFX tool or Graphics tool is third-party software. As per the Code of Conduct on their official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India usage of any third-party application or tool can lead to a permanent ban on your account. Gamers should note that the GFX tool doesn't change the source code of the game. 

Many players are running BGMI on low-end devices and they need a quick adjustment which would help them to play the game better. To avoid any issues while using the GFX tools for the smooth functioning of the game on low-end devices.

The GFX tool will help you to alter the developer settings of the game and grant access to locked graphics. To download the GFX tool for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Many users are already using it to run BGMI smoothly on low-end smartphones as the program will try to remove almost all the lag you encountered.


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