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The Esports Club Showdown Players to Must Watch Out in Valorant

The Esports Club Showdown Players to Must Watch Out in Valorant

The Esports Club Showdown is underway and we are down to the final three teams at the ongoing Valorant event. Louvre and Alter Ego are set to compete in the lower bracket finals in a bid to face off against Paper Rex at the grand final. Velocity Gaming was the final team standing from South Asia and with Louvre taking VLT out at the lower bracket semi-final, we are now down to three teams from SEA competing for a prize pool of $15,000.

We have seen some stellar performances from the players at the event and if you don’t know which players to watch out for, here are our recommendations.

Players to look out for at The Esports Club Showdown

1. deLb – Alter Ego

Alter Ego’s deLb had a solid run at TEC Showdown so far with the player being the team’s best performer. AE managed to win all of its matchups up until the upper bracket final where Paper Rex ended up having the last laugh.

If deLb maintains his consistent performance from previous matches, he can help Alter Ego edge past Louvre on 29th November to set up a rematch against Paper Rex at the grand final.

2. Jinggg – Paper Rex

Wang ‘Jinggg’ Jing Jie is an Indonesian player who has competed with top Southeast Asian teams like Reality Rift and Team SMG. He was signed to Paper Rex just two months ago and if his performances at TEC Showdown are anything to go by, he has become one of the core members of the roster.

Jingg is known for his Reyna, Jett and Raze plays and is currently the second-best performer at Showdown. He has shown composure during Paper Rex’s matchup against Louvre, which was his team’s toughest matchup so far at Showdown.

3. f0rsakeN – Paper Rex

Former CS:GO pro Jason ‘f0rsakeN’ Susanto made his Valorant debut last year and has been one of the top players in Southeast Asia. At the TEC Showdown, the Indonesian player has the highest K/D (1.58) and will be looking to finish the event as part of the winning team.

f0rsakeN has international experience and has competed in Valorant Masters Berlin. The player has an impressive average combat score of 273 throughout his competitive career and is known for game-winning clutches. Paper Rex has not dropped a single game at Showdown and f0rsakeN will be looking to ensure that it stays that way at the final on 30th November.

To catch up on all of the action at The Esports Club Showdown and watch these players compete live, you can tune into the official TEC YouTube channel on 29th and 30th November.

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