BGMI The Grind: Grand Finals Day 1 Points Table with Short Review

The Grand Finals of  Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) The GRIND starts from today. You can tune in to catch all the breathtaking action and epicness live. Already The Grind League Stage is over and the best 16 teams will come from there to play in Grand Finals. 

bgmi the grind grand finals day 1

Grand Finals Day 1 BGMI The Grind: Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS)

Teams which taken the Chicken Dinner in Day 1 Grand Finals

  1. Team Forever takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 15 finishes.
  2. Team X Spark takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 12 finishes.
  3. Marcos Gaming takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 10 finishes.
  4. Team Mayhem takes the chicken dinner in Sanhok with 10 finishes.
  5. Team X SPARK takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 9 finishes.
  6. Team XO takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 16 finishes

1. Team Forever with 15 finishes (Owais, Maxkash, Savitar, Franky)

team forever match 1

In the first match, Team Forever played perfectly and this lead them to chicken dinner. Also, Team XO was the last team to fight with Team Forever but Owais and his teammates somehow knocked out Team XO players. Godlike also has dominated with 9 kills in this map as there was no zone support to them. 

2. Team X Spark with 12 Finishes (Scout, Mavi, Ultron, Gill)

team x spark match 2 chicken dinner

In the second match, Team XSpark dominated the lobby with an epic win, and this time they had a battle with Godlike the most aggressive time and Scout and Mavi took a knock on Jonathan and Clutchgod. Actually, the whole team pushed onto Jonathan's side and the other three were busy with Skylightz Gaming. The first knock was given from Scout to Jonathan then Mavi to Clutchgod. So it was a good fight GG's to Team X Spark. 

3. Marcos Gaming with 10 finishes(Ronak, CG7, Madman, WizzGod)

marcos gaming match 3 chicken dinner

In the third match, Marcos Gaming has predicted the last zone very perfectly that no team tried to reach them as they had a Squad house advantage. Godlike tried with two players alive but it was 2v3 but they failed got 1 finish from Marcos Gaming. Then it was 4v2 with Team XO and Marcos Gaming but as I said before Marcos Gaming had a height advantage and Team XO was in down ridge so it was impossible for Team XO to beat them. Well played by Marcos Gaming. 

4. Team Mayhem with 10 finishes(Atlas, Vishal, Exin, L3BRON)

team mayhem match 4 chicken dinner

In the fourth match, Team Mayhem took the chicken dinner in Sanhok in Paradise. As it was a chicken dinner for Team Forever actually as Savitar was playing amazingly with 9 finishes already it was the team to defeat but that didn't happen. Team Mayhem clutched it out against all teams in Paradise in Sanhok. Good game for the Team Mayhem. 

5. Team X Spark with 9 finishes (Scout, Mavi, Gill, Ultron)

In the fifth match, Team X Spark surprisingly took away the chicken dinner of TSM, and Skylightz Gaming is staying calm. Gill's patience was very good as he was the lone survivor of his team. Surely, Mavi and Scout might be guiding him to stay low. As TSM was dominating in the last zone because they had 17 finishes already and in last AquaNox and Ninja JOD was pushing the last survivor from Skylightz Gaming Gamlaboy. But unfortunately, Gamlaboy knocked out Ninja, and Aquanox got sprayed from Gill with M249. 

6. Team XO with 16 finishes (Sensei, Punk, Immortal, Fierce)

team xo match 6 chicken dinner

In the sixth match, Team XO dominates in the last match Erangel of Final Day 1 with 16 finishes. It was Team XO and Team Rivalry 4v3 battle. Team XO had a zone advantage so they used it and got so many finishes. And the last zone went in Shelter down the ridge. Godlike also did well as they were very consistent with their performance and they also had 9 finishes. 

Overall Standings Day 1 BGMI Grand Finals: The GRIND

overall bgmi the grind final day 1

Team XO made the way to the top of the table with 85 points and lead of 6 points with Team Forever. As I said before Godlike Esports is very consistent with their game and they are in 3rd position with no chicken dinner. Team X Spark with two chicken dinner and 42 finishes at 4th position with perfect domination in Day 1 of Grand Finals of The GRIND. 

overall bgmi the grind final day 1

In the 2nd chart, Rivalry Esports is in 9th postion with 32 points and they need buckle up I can say they improve more and make to the Top 5. Team Soul and OR Esports need work on their gameplay and strategies more they are lagging very behind and same goes to the Hydra official too. 


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