BGMI React Survival mode trailer: Rules, features, how to play, and more

BGMI is now a played by every Indian battle royale gamer and as the day by day the popularity is increasing at a much higher pace. With the increase in popularity, the developers are also trying to incorporate more interesting aspects so that the game becomes more interesting to play.

bgmi react survival mode

Today, a few hours back, BGMI posted the trailer for the brand new React Survival mode that is about to arrive in the game on 20 December 2021.

React Survival mode in BGMI: Everything you need to know

Rules and How to play

The React Survival mode will be an exclusive mode that can be only played in rooms along with friends and other players. Hence, it will not be a Classic, Arena, or Arcade match type.

The caption on the Instagram post of official Battlegrounds Mobile India reads:

According to the trailer, in this new game mode players can enjoy the “Red Light, Green Light” game inspired by Squid Game. Here is the trailer reveal for the React Survival mode:

When the music starts playing, players must go ahead. They must halt promptly as the music stops, or they will be shot and eliminated in the process. The objective is to cross the finish line before the timer runs out.

As previously told, this will be a game mode that will be exclusive to Rooms and a total number of 100 players can play this mode at once.

Official release date of React Survival mode

The official release date of the brand new React Survival mode, as declared by the developers, is on 20 December 2021. Players will be able to enjoy the new mode in custom rooms. Players can create the rooms with room cards and can then choose the React Survival Mode from there.


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