BGMI Skyesports Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 7 Points Table with Short Review

The Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 7 is all set to start today. The tournament features six titles, including BGMI, and boasts a massive prize pool of INR 40 Lakhs overall. The BGMI part of the tournament has the largest share in the prize pool, amounting to INR 25 Lakhs.

bgmi skyesports mobile india day 7 final

Grand Finals (19th to 25th December 2021): 18 teams qualified from the Semi-Finals will face-off in the Grand Finals for seven days to decide the winner.

The winner of this tournament is TSM (Team Solo Mid).

AMD Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Finals Day 7

Teams which taken the Chicken Dinner in Day 7 Grand Finals

  1. Team Entity takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 3 finishes.
  2. Team 8bit takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 11 finishes.
  3. Team XO takes the chicken dinner in Sanhok with 13 finishes.
  4. 7Sea Esports takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 13 finishes.
  5. TSM takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 10 finishes. 
  6. Godlike Esports takes the chicken dinner Erangel with 23 finishes.

Top 5 Fraggers Grand Finals Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI

top 5 fraggers skyesports mobile open grand final

  1. Ninja JOD from TSM with 85 finishes.
  2. Jonathan from Godlike Esports with 81 finishes.
  3. Aquanox from TSM with 77 finishes.
  4. Punk from Team XO with 70 finishes.
  5. Akshat from Team Insane with 69 finishes.
Good to see that TSM won this tournament and the MVP is from TSM itself i.e Ninja JOD who consider Jonathan as inspiration for himself. Jonathan is on second position with a difference of 4 finishes. As we know Jonathan was MVP for five back to back tournaments. But nevertheless it doesn't matter who takes the MVP as Team gameplay is important.  

1. Team Entity with 4 finishes (Hector, Shadow, Darklord, Troye)

team entity day 7 match 1 chicken dinner

In the first match, Team Entity took chicken dinner with 4 the just number of finishes as they were in the last zone didn't have that many fights as they were having a compound for them. They just need to hold and wait for the last zone to take place. So it was 4v3v3, Team Entity vs TSM vs Team Insane, Team Entity had four players alive and other teams had three players alive. Team Insane defeated TSM as then it was Team Insane vs Team Entity. As we know TSM are table toppers right now with a good lead of points they are making sure they are gonna this tournament for sure. 

Well, Insane Goblin had 7 finishes from this match and it's very insane well played by him. Team Insane 13 finishes they become first for this Erangel match. 

2. Team 8bit with 11 finishes (Tsunami, Nexus, Jazzy, Juicy)

team 8 bit chicken dinner

In the second match, Team 8bit dominated in the Miramatch with 11 finishes but they are last in the points table. In the last zone, it was three teams, Team 8bit, Team XO, and Marcos Gaming. So it was 4v4v1, Team 8bit and Marcos gaming had four players alive and Team XO had lone survivor Punk. Team 8bit defeated the last player from Team Xo then it was Marcos Gaming vs Team 8bit. Well played by Team 8bit GG's to them. 

3. Team XO with 13 finishes (Sensei, Punk, Fierce, Immortal)

team xo day 7 match 3 chicken dinner

In the third match, Team XO defeated all the teams in the last zone with an epic split with a distance of 150m from each player. So it was 1v2v4v4 in the last zone, TSM vs Team XO vs Team 8bit vs Entity. But Entity's last player was doing a heal battle for its team and he was the last defeat from Team XO. Team XO a good fight with Team 8bit and TSM but there was no player in the zone so Team Xo was trying to find the last player who was Entity Darklord outside of the zone doing heal battle but exceptionally Team XO Sensei spotted him and immediately took the finish as every point matters. GG's to Team XO for the chicken dinner. 

4. 7Sea Esports with 13 finishes (Prince, Spraygod, Aladin, Sarang)

In the fourth match, 7 Sea Esports played extremely well as they got double number of finishes in the match. It was 4v3v2, 7Sea Epsorts vs Team Forever vs Team XO, the zone advantage was to 7Sea and Team Forever and Team Xo had come to the zone so it was tough to do it. Team XO got eliminated first it was open road to cross them so it wasn't possible for them do it as they were two players surviving from Team Xo. 7Sea had four players alive and Team Forever tried hard but it wasn't enough so 7Sea got the chicken dinner.

5. TSM with 10 finishes (Aquanox, Shadow, Blaze, Ninja JOD)

In the fifth match, TSM took the chicken dinner in final day as they are already in 1st position still they need to secure there position and they did it in this match. The last zone was near to their drop in Miramar so it wasn't tough for them. But in last zone it was Chemin Esports vs TSM and TSM defeated Chemin Esports perfectly as Chemin had four players alive and TSM had just three players alive. TSM Blaze knocked out two players himself withbeing downridge also. Ninja got last finish and they god chicken dinner as Ninja had 6 finishes himself from this match. 

6. Godlike with 23 finishes (Jonathan, Clutchgod, Neyoo, Zgod)

In the sixth match, Godlike dominated the lobby like a killing machine as they were defeating all the team they were fighting. As you can see in the number of finishes they got in the last match. Godlike is most aggrissive team India and you can say there are best. But still Godlike wasn't good enough to win this tournament as TSM did it. So Godlike decided that they will finish the last match that every will remember it so they did it. 

Overall Standings Day 2 Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Tournament

Overall Standings Day 2 Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Tournament

Overall Standings Day 2 Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Tournament

Teams played in Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open

10. TSM 
14. TEAM 8BIT 

Where to watch Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Tournament? 

You can watch it on Official channel of Skyesports Youtube channel and as well on Loco for further matches as it is sponsored by Loco. 


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