How to Mine Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18: 2022

 How to Mine Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18: 2022

Whether it’s the new Minecraft 1.18 update or any earlier version, diamonds are the foremost sought-after ores within the game. you'll be able to use them to form reliable weapons, tools, and armors within the game. to not forget, diamonds are important to assist you to progress within the survival world too. Moreover, you would like diamonds whether or not you would like Netherite tools, which are the strongest in Minecraft. , Now, the maximum amount as we love them, diamonds aren't as easy to seek out in Minecraft as you may think. due to that, we've today covered the most effective and easiest ways to seek out diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 update. These methods work on both Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. additionally, to cover the heights and biomes to seek out diamonds, we are going to also share some mining tricks to search out them easily. thereupon out of the gate, let’s determine where to search out diamonds in Minecraft 1.18.

Easily Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

Diamonds are spawning quite ever within the new Minecraft 1.18 update. So, it is smart to induce your tools and resources ready for an underground trip. confirm to form enough torches and food sources for an extended mining session. If you're unsure which caves to start in, try loading into one of the most effective dripstone caves seeds for Minecraft 1.18, these caves usually find yourself in deep state blocks. For the players worried about mobs that spawn underground, we have a guide on the way to brew a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft. you'll use it to avoid fighting mobs altogether. As for what you would like to try and do with diamonds, that’s your choice. But if you have got any longer tips on mining or finding diamonds, share them with our readers in the comments below. Until then, happy mining!

How to Mine Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

Once you've got found out the way to reach the diamond's level in Minecraft 1.18, it’s time to mine them. All you wish to try and do is specialize in the ore block and mine it using an iron pickaxe. You can’t use the other beginner pickaxe from a lower level, including a wooden or stone pickaxe. Mining diamond ores using these pickaxes will lead you to lose the ore furthermore because of the diamonds.

You can craft an iron pickaxe by placing 3 iron ingots within the top row of a Crafting table in Minecraft. And then, place 2 wooden sticks within the middle cells of the remaining two rows. the ultimate recipe would seem like the image above. Lastly, select the iron pickaxe and place it in your inventory.

Best Diamond Mining Techniques and Tips in Minecraft

Before the 1.18 update, players would dig down with a spread of mining techniques to search out diamonds. But now, things have changed significantly, so here’s what you would like to stay in mind.


Irrespective of the Minecraft version, torches are a requirement while hunting diamonds. Placing them reduces mob spawning, and that they allow you to see better within the dark. But if you would like something simpler, you'll be able to brew yourself a Potion of night-sight.

Deep Slate Caves

Unlike previous versions, cave hunting is that the best method to seek out diamonds within the 1.18 update and not mining. If you explore large caves that move into negative Y levels, you'll be able to find diamond ores easily. Even among these caves, those who focus more on deep slate blocks and not the biomes are more useful.

Water Bucket

Another important item you ought to keep on mining adventures could be a water bucket. due to the deep caves and steep mountains, this update can easily kill you by fall damage. A water bucket helps you avoid that, and it also protects you from accidental trips inside caves.

Follow the Lava

If you're a veteran player, you may know that diamonds spawn in higher concentrations near the lava. that continues to be true even with the diamond ore in Minecraft 1.18 update. When inside a deep slate cave, follow lava to locate diamond ores within the game.

Branch Mining

As the name sounds, this mining technique involves creating multiple tunnels at negative or diamond levels. you only have to start breaking blocks particularly branches from an origin point. Then, you would like to seek out and mark diamond sources with torches. Though, we recommend you skip making sub-branches to avoid confusion and not stray from your path.

Strip Mining

Strip mining means choosing a selected Y level and clearing out a bit (16 x 16 blocks) thereon level. Once one level has been cleared, you'll be able to keep moving downwards until you discover more diamond ores. Using TNT can facilitate your making the method faster. This mining technique is tedious but also effective. So, you'll be able to use it for locating other rare ores within the game too.


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