How To Rank Push in BGMI: 5 Tips And Tricks To Avoid Early Exits


Battlegrounds mobile India is a popular battle royale game in India, which has been letting out new updates in the game to make it more enjoyable. They brought about a new season in-game, with a 1.7 update the C1S3 Season was introduced periodically. 

With each new season, rank pushers set out to reach the Ace or Conqueror tiers, which holds a great value in the audience. 

Distinguishing a gamer from the rest of the lobby, achieving a rank in the top 100 is something fascinating as it sounds and brainstorming as it suggests. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, consistent efforts, time, and good teammates if you are ranked pushing in the squad. The main goal of every player is to not get eliminated at the start of the game and survive until the last circle (zone), and getting consecutive chicken dinners would be the ambition.

So, in this article, we’ve brought you some tips and tricks which would help you to rank push by keeping in mind all the methods and ways to tackle every problem bravely. The tips and tricks provided below aren’t 100% guaranteed to work on every situation but depend upon the player's skills and understanding of the situation and achieve success on profoundly using them for their benefit.

Top 5 Effective Pointers to Avoid Early Exits during Rank PUSHING

1. Avoid Hot Drops 

Landing away from the hot drop locations is reportedly one of the safest methods to survive longer in the game while rank pushing at the beginning of the new seasons. Hot drops on the classic maps attract lots of players to get the best loot in the lobby but what a player should focus on is surviving up until the end circles and possibly getting a chicken dinner.

To reach the Ace or Conqueror tier, a player must avoid hot drops.

2. Use Vehicle To Go Cities Located Far Away


Players who wanna rank push in BGMI need to have a safer approach towards every single match that they play at the starting of the season. Getting eliminated early in the match can lead to a significant degrade in points.


Rank pushers should land on drops where vehicles spawn, to use for escaping into far-off cities of the map they choose to play.


Following this simple formula increases the chances of avoiding an early exit from the game. Going off to distant cities for loot would be the best option for survival.

3. Avoid Playing with Random Players


Playing your first important matches with random can often be annoying as hell, resulting in messing up the entire squad and poor coordination. Randoms don’t listen to one’s calls which can turn out to be very problematic if a team comes across early fights in the game.


For serious Rank Push in BGMI, players need to play with their teammates who can lead them to victory and tackle every situation excellently.

4. Use the Fast Jumping Method

 Getting on the ground before enemies have the opportunity to become a threat to one’s life is something that players should make a note of. It’s advantageous when dropping into a vicinity close to the plane’s path.

Players can drop up to 750 meters mark in Erangel map, in Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi players can land at 700 meters mark. And it's lower in Livik and Karakin- 350 meters.

5. Sticking with Your Teammates

 Most of the ranking pushing players in BGMI prefer playing the squad mode – classic matches, then it becomes necessary for them to stick to the squad whatsoever. It not only ensures winning your battles but avoids early exits. Communicating with your teammates while rank pushing is an essential criterion that players need to do to tackle every fight.


Always being around your squadmates lets you have instant cover in crisis.


Hope all this point helps you to better rank push in achieving the TITLE.


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