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How to stop Upstairs Neighbors from Stomping while gaming

How to stop Upstairs Neighbors from Stomping while gaming

Upstairs Neighbors from Stomping: It was already frustrating to lock ourselves in a very house or room but unfortunately, this is often the case during this COVID-19 where i’m working day and night from Home.

Earlier, i’ve got never noticed any stomping noise that was coming from the upstairs neighbor, but after functioning from home, I felt this can be the foremost annoying noise, breaking my peace and joy.

neighbors stomping

That’s why this can be necessary to beat noise and most significantly the stomping noise which is coming from the upstairs neighbors.

If you’re reading this guide, then you’re searching for a closely similar problem solution. That’s why i’ve got given 8 effective ways on how you’ll be able to handle your upstairs neighbors stomping.

After trying many ways, my neighbors aren’t stopping their stomping noise, How rude are your neighbors? I can hear every step of the upstairs neighbor, just walking like an elephant.

Well, i’ve got listed all the ways including legal ways on the way to tackle your annoying neighbor.

Look at a number of the surprising stats:

According to the “Gallup News” quite 56% of usa citizens started acting from home after covid-19. Moreover, 25% of them always need to work from home.

Most companies like Microsoft, let their employees work permanently from home.

So this is often vital to stay your home peaceful but your neighbors don’t understand your situation. So what to do?

Let’s jump onto those 5 ways, that may facilitate your on a way to stop upstairs neighbors from stomping.

5 Ways to Stop Upstairs Neighbors From Stomping while Gaming

We are visiting discuss every possible way that you simply can attempt to get eliminate those annoying upstairs neighbors. i’ve got tried many ways and a few of them work okay.

So that i’ve got compiled those working ways during this single guide to assist you.

1. Ask Your Upstairs Neighbors to prevent Stomping

This is the foremost reliable and simple thanks to discuss with your upstairs neighbor and explain your problem that their noise, negatively impacted your work and life furthermore.

Ask them they even have never been disturbed by you in order that they may decrease the noise volume. Trust me if they’re a decent neighbor then they will feel very bad for his or her actions and you most likely won’t get disturbed by them ever.

Building a relationship is often the most effective thanks to make things easy. If you don’t want to speak to them first, then you ought to write a friendly note and explain your situation within the latter.

I am pretty sure they’re going to feel sorry. But you’ll be distributed on a pair of occasions so wait and see. i do know that’s fine for you. when going with a foul attitude this is often great and this also makes things worse.

2. Bear The Stomping Noise Of Your Neighbors

In most cases, neighbors are unwilling to vary their routine time. There are two reasons behind it, the primary one is that they can’t change it, and second they don’t want to vary it.

In the first situation, they and you don’t have any choice. For example: if he/she could be a musician or in an exceedingly dance band that has their fixed time to practice in order that they can’t change it. How are you able to change your work hours? This also isn’t possible.

Don’t worry i’ve got an answer for you which will facilitate your during this situation. you’ll be able to use noise-canceling headphones that may stop every irritating noise outside your ear and you’ll do your work properly.

3. Call The Cops and provides Them Warning

This is the starting of action against your neighbor. If your neighbor isn’t stop producing loud stomping noise during your working or sleeping hours.

Then you call the local police and explain your situation to them. i’m pretty sure they’re going to definitely ask them to button up.

In most cases, neighbors go with the warning of police but even after they don’t stop their hilarious stomping noise. Then they’ll be served a fine.

If your neighbor could be a family person then he won’t do that again. So you’ll be able to complete your work and sleep well with none noise that disturbs you.

This is the way that you just can stop your neighbor from making noise within the apartment.

4. File A proceedings Against Your Upstair Neighbor

According to, if your neighbor produces any louder noise beyond your tolerance level, then you have got the correct to file a legal complaint against your upstairs neighbor in court, and that they are going to be charged from $2500 to $7500.

In general, you’ll sue your neighbor in 2 alternative ways, the primary one you’ll be able to file a lawsuit in a very small claims court if you would like money in favor of your damages.

Secondly, if you wish to sue your neighbor directly from the judgment of the judge then you’ll be able to file a lawsuit in an exceedingly regular civil court.

But so as to win your case in an exceedingly small claim court or civil court then you would like any evidence that proves that you just are disturbed by your upstairs neighbor.

How are you able to prove that? this is often very simple: take notes, record video or audio whenever you’re disturbed by your psycho upstairs neighbor.

But you have got to try to to this before involving any enforcement because you wish solid proof of that. If you record this after happening this then you may not win the match.

When you conceive to claim your damage so just start recording their disturbing noises. this is often the correct way that you just can sue your upstairs neighbor for his or her irritating noise.

5. How Can You Evaluate Your New Apartment?

This is very easy, just follow all these steps and you find that you are in a good space. Because I have provided some of my own and well-researched information that will not disappoint you.

Ask your builder how they use STC and IIC design criteria to reduce the impact of the sound in the whole building.

Analysis of the sound transmission in the apartment by your own mathematics will give you a clear idea about your apartment walls, floor, and ceiling block the sound travel.

This is exciting, call your friend and impact on the floor above so that you will get to know whether this apartment ceiling is capable of absorbing noise or not.

You need to check carefully all the doors, whether doors can seal all the outer noise or not.

Check the surface of the above apartment, is the surface harder, if yes then this is not the right choice because sound transmission increases on the harder surface. But you can convince your landlord to use a soft surface mat for lower sound transmission.

Believe in yourself, analyze the whole apartment, everything that may create problems in the future.

The best thing is if possible then select the top floor in the apartment so that you will not be disturbed by any upstairs neighbor.

This thing needs a lot of investment so make sure you are comfortable with it. Moreover, I have provided 5 ways how you can deal with your upstairs neighbors stomping.

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