Jonathan becomes MVP for Red Bull BGMI Tournament with high number of finishes

Team GodLike was among the 24 teams competing in Battlegrounds Mobile India at the Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 India Finals from 3rd to 5th December. Jonathan has become MVP for the tournament which is really epic because he have proved himself again and again. 

jonathan mvp for red bull tournament

Godlike Epsorts is second runner up for the Red Bull M.E.O Season 4. They are just 4 points behind from the winner team. It was very heat of moment in the last game of the tournament because if godlike have got the last chicken dinner they might have won this tournament as well. But its an game which is unpredictable.

Jonathan has promised in the interview that he will be the MVP of this tournament anyhow and he proved it amazingly with 28 finishes. Also read: BGMI Red Bull M.E.O Season 4 Winner Enigma Gaming

Team name: Team GodLike

Godllike Teammates:

  1. Abhijit ‘Ghatak’ Andhare, 
  2. Jonathan ‘Jonathan’ Amaral, 
  3. Vivek ‘Clutch God’ Abbas, 
  4. Abhishek ‘ZGOD’ Choudhary 
  5. Suraj ‘Neyoo’ Mujumdar

Team headquarters: GodLike Bootcamp in Pune

Godlike origin story: They consider that their team GodLike to be blessed with the powers of the gods so we can be at the top of the esports scene.


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