New Avalanche X Suit Now Available in Bgmi / Pubg & Chance To Get Free

New Avalanche X Suit:- Pubg Mobile & BGMI Introduced new X Suit in-game name as Avalanche X-Suit that is an upgradable outfit you can get from Avalanche X-Suit Lucky Spin but its cost is too high. In this article, we tell you all details of the X suit and also tell you how to get a new Avalanche x suit for a free stay in the article and read carefully.

Avalanche X Suit Now

Previously the X-Suit suit was the most expensive and best-looking costume in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. The sole reason is its flashy and attractive visual effects. Also, at each level players get new features from this costume. The costume can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 6. However, obtaining the suit and upgrading it requires a lot of UC spins which can take a heavy toll on the pockets.

Regarding this, as we previously knew, this time the X-Suit is called “Avalanche X-Suit”. Wherefrom the name alone we can already tell that this costume takes the theme of icy glacier structures to fuse into a cool and dazzling costume.

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This costume, of course, has a dominant sky-white color which you can clearly see from the photo above. After obtaining this X-Suit, players can also get M4 Glacier and AKM Glacier skin.

Here are the benefits or, features that players will get at different levels of upgrade:

  1. Star: Basic Appearance
  2. Star: Teammate Interaction
  3. Star: Advanced Form
  4. Star: Victory Broadcast
  5. Star: Snow Storm
  6. Star: FInal Form

How to get a new Avalanche x suit for free

Pubg Mobile & Bgmi give every player 5 chances to try their luck if your luck is too good you get a new Avalanche x suit in only some slivers fragment. So go and open your Pubg/Bgmi and try your luck with silver fragments. Most players get free Mythic to emote in lucky spin.


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