Skyesports Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 1 Points Table with Short Review

The Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 1 is all set to start today. The tournament features six titles, including BGMI, and boasts a massive prize pool of INR 40 Lakhs overall. The BGMI part of the tournament has the largest share in the prize pool, amounting to INR 25 Lakhs.

Skyesports Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 1

Grand Finals (19th to 25th December 2021): 18 teams qualified from the Semi-Finals will face-off in the Grand Finals for seven days to decide the winner

AMD Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Finals Day 1

Teams which taken the Chicken Dinner in Day 1 Grand Finals

  1. Skylightz Gaming takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 13 finishes.
  2. TSM takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 13 finishes.
  3. Engima Gaming takes the chicken dinner in Sanhok with 12 finishes.
  4. Blind Official takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 5 finishes.
  5. Orangutan Gaming takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 6 finishes.
  6. Team Insane takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 13 finishes.

Top 5 Fraggers Day 1 Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI

day 1 Top 5 MVP skyesports mobile open

1. Destro from Skylightz Gaming with 15 finishes.
2. Gamlaboy from Skylightz Gaming with 14 finishes.
3. Spraygod from 7Seas Esports with 14 finishes.
4. Savitar from Team Forever with 14 finishes. 
5. NinjaJOD from TSM with 13 finishes.

Note: Some players have same number kills but might different damage in overall matches so its decided on the basis of most damage given by a player according to me. 

1. Skylightz Gaming with 13 finishes (Ronak, Gamlaboy, Destro, Pukar)

skylightz gaming match 1 chicken dinner

In the first match, Skylightz Gaming took chicken dinner in the very first match of Skyepsorts Mobile Open Grand Final Day 1. In the last zone, it was 4v3v3, as Skylightz had 4 players alive and whereas Chemin Esports had 3 players alive and 7Seas also had 3 players alive. Skylightz Gaming was down the ridge which had good cover for them and the remaining teams were up ridge so they were prone and fighting with grenades. 7Seas cleared out Chemin Esports then it was 2v4 against SG. GG's to Skylightz Gaming for the Chicken Dinner and they need to do consistently for winning this tournament. 

2. TSM with 13 finishes (Shadow, Aquanox,Ninja JOD, Blaze)

tsm day 1 match 2

In the second match, TSM's most aggressive team had their first win in Skyesports Mobile Open Grand Final Day 1. It was a Miramar match and the last zone was made in between Hacienda-Pecaode's small compound. It was TSM vs Team Forever fight but zone favored TSM and they took advantage and knocked out Owais then Makash and the remaining was Franky. Owais some knocked out TSM Shadow finished it but after it was impossible for them. It was sad to see Godlike didn't make it to the last as they had fought in the early zone shrink-in. But they 6 finishes already and the remaining was just JONATHAN as he clutched out 7Seas whole team. 

3. Enigma Gaming with 12 finishes (Eggy, Rex, Locker, Saggy)

enigma gaming day 1 match 3 chicken dinner

In the third match, Enigma Gaming amazing took chicken dinner in most chaos map. In the last zone, it was 4v3v1v1 but there was no team in the zone except Enigma Gaming. So it was Enigma Gaming vs TSM vs Revenant vs Team Forever and no team could beat Enigma Gaming because the small house cover for the others was out of zone some were trying to come in the zone.  But in the last TSM Blaze knocked out one player finished it out immediately and then TSM came 2nd in the 3rd match of Sanhok. Every 1 point matters for TSM because recently they have loose BGIS The Grind Scrims by just 1 point. 

4. Blind Official with 5 finishes (Williamz, Nick458, Psycho47, Beardbaba)

blind official day 1 match 4 chicken dinner

In the fourth match, Blind Official took the hands chicken dinner with less number of finishes. But well played by TSM as they didn't have a zone to them but somehow made into the zone had a good fight in the last zone as there was only Ninja JOD the lone survivor from his teams. As it was a 4v4v1 fight in the last zone, Blind vs Skylightz vs TSM. Blind took a knock on Skylightz and the knocked player went in the cover eastern bridge of Erangel and then Skylightz tried to revive its teammate. But Skylightz didn't have an idea of Ninja JOD was prone behind the ATV which was on the bridge. Ninja Smartly tried to throw a grenade on the Skylightz knocked out player and who was reviving his team and then boom, Ninja got 1 finish immediately and knocked out one player more. Then he got 4 finishes so it was 4v1 and it wasn't possible for Ninja to clutch it out but actually he tried because one of the Blind official players pushed directly onto him but Ninja knocked out him also and finished him immediately. After this one grenade came and then match over. Well played by TSM Ninja and Blind Official.

5. Orangutan Gaming with 6 finishes (Ash, AkOP, Believe, Drigger)

orangutan gaming day 1 match 5 chicken dinner

In the fifth match, Orangutan Gaming took the chicken dinner in Mirmar with 6 finishes by a clutch at the last death zone. As it was 2v2, Orangutan vs Orange Rock as I said it was 2v2 but as it wasn't at the last moment, OR got knocked out AKOP from OG so it was remaining just Trigger to do 1v2 against Orange and he did it successfully. Before the death zone, Team Forever had a good fight with Orange Rock but they loose somehow if they have won that fight they might have 20+ finishes also as they were 16 finishes already and Orange Rock had 9 finishes before finishing Team Forever but nevertheless, its a game anything can happen. GG's to Orangutan Gaming for the chicken dinner. 

Talking about Godlike Esports they aren't performing well on the Day 1 of the Grand Final of Skyesports Mobile Open. In the fifth match, they easily took off the Celsius Esports as it was 1v4 by Jonathan himself. After that, it wasn't possible to reach as the zone was shifted towards Monte Nevou and Godlike was in El Pozo. They tried but the other team didn't allow them. 

6. Team Insane with 13 finishes (Aadi, Rayed, Goblin, Sayyam)

team insane day 1 match 6 chicken dinner

In the sixth match, Team Insane played very insanely as they also aggressive teams like Godlike and TSM. As of today Team Insane finished them out in Erangel's fourth match very easily. Back to the sixth match, it was a 3v1v1, Team Insane vs Team XO vs Chemin Esports, as you can number advantage was to Team Insane with three players alive and one from each team. Before the Team Insane took out Celsius Esports and then took cleared out the last remaining players. GG's to Team Insane for the chicken dinner. 

Overall Standings Day 1 Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Tournament

skyesports mobile open day 1 points table

Skylightz Gaming, TSM, Team Forever, Chemin Esports, 7 Seas Esports, and Team Insane Playing very good till now. Missing Godlike and Team X Spark in the Chart 1 lets see when they gonna climb up.

skyesports mobile open day 1 points table

Teams playing in Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open

10. TSM 
14. TEAM 8BIT 


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