Skyesports Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 2 Points Table with Short Review

The Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open Grand Finals Day 1 is all set to start today. The tournament features six titles, including BGMI, and boasts a massive prize pool of INR 40 Lakhs overall. The BGMI part of the tournament has the largest share in the prize pool, amounting to INR 25 Lakhs.

skyesports mobile open day 2 points table

Grand Finals (19th to 25th December 2021): 18 teams qualified from the Semi-Finals will face-off in the Grand Finals for seven days to decide the winner

AMD Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Finals Day 1

Teams which taken the Chicken Dinner in Day 1 Grand Finals

  1. Chemin Esports takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 7 finishes.
  2. Team Entity takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 7 finishes.
  3. Team XO takes the chicken dinner in Sanhok with 11 finishes.
  4. Godlike Esports takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 16 finishes.
  5. Revenant Esports takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 8 finishes.
  6. Godlike Esports takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 10 finishes. 

Top 5 Fraggers Day 2 Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI

Top 5 Fraggers Day 2 skyesports mobile open

1. Spraygod from 7Seas Esports with 30 finishes.
2. NinjaJOD from TSM with 26 finishes.
3. Aquanox from TSM 24 with 24 finishes.
4. Jonathan from Godlike Esports with 23 finishes.
5. Goblin from Team Insane with 22 finishes.

New entry to the Top Fragger list and thats JONATAN "Top Fragger or WHAT" lets see will he be reaching his position. 

1. Chemin Esports with 7 finishes (420op, Akshat, Omega, Mighty )

In the first match, Chemin Esport played very in the last zone which lead them to chicken dinner. It was a Gergopool Top Hill Zone at the starting and this was acquired by TSM (Team Solo Mid). But the last zone went in downhill as TSM didn't make it. There is also one team very which played very good and that is Godlike Esports, as there only Jonathan and Neyoo were alive in the last zone got good kills as you see in the above chart table. Jonathan single-handedly clutched out the whole Blind official with his amazing skill gameplay. It was 2v1v1, Chemin Esports vs Godlike vs Team XO, so Jonathan finished Team XO punk, and then it Chemin two players vs Jonathan alone it was impossible for him to do as there was no good angle on him to clutch out. Actually well played by Chemin esports GG's to them. 

2. Team Entity with 7 finishes (Shadow, Hector, Troye, Darklord)

team entity day 2 match 2 chicken dinner

In the second match, Team Entity played very well with their zone prediction as zone advantage was to them. Still, they had lagged behind for the finishes as they only had 7 finishes which they got in the last two zones. It was 3v3v2, Entity vs Insane vs Team XO, Entity had three players alive and the same for the Team Insane and the remaining two for Team XO. As I said before the zone was favoring Entity with high ridge two players holding and alone Entity Hector pushing onto other teams. GG's to Team Entity for their chicken dinner. 

3. Team Xo with 11 finishes (Punk, Immortal, Fierce, Sensei)

team xo day 2 match 3 chicken dinner

In the third match, Team XO took chicken dinner from Team 8bit with being out of the zone in the blue zone. As Team Xo Immortal was having 40+ first aids for healing himself. So it was only Team 8bit Tsunami alone in the zone but he was spotted from long away from Immortal and finished him out and took the amazing chicken dinner. As in the Team, XO was seen very happy in Team XO Camera, Immortal was seen happy other team members as well. Sanhok is becoming heal battle match in the last zones Let's see will this perspective will continue or not. GG's to Team XO for their other chicken dinner to them. 

4. Godlike Esports with 16 finishes (Jonathan, Clutchgod, ZGOD, Neyoo)

godlike day 2 match 4 chicken dinner

In the fourth match, Godlike made a comeback with Godlike gameplay with taking chicken dinner with 16 finishes as they are known for double digits finishes. As the zone was shifted towards the Severny and Yasnaya western side. Clutchgod the IGL might tell their players to play as you can get finishes. It was 2v3v4 in the last zone, Godlike vs Chemin Esports vs Marcos Gaming, Chemin esports had all four players alive, Marcos had two players alive, and Godlike had three players alive. But right after Godlike one player got finished but he did give damage to other teams. ZGod from Godlike did have a good number of finishes from himself from the team. Clutchgod had 6 finishes as he clutched out in the last zone. Jonathan also played for his best as he is known for and finally Godlike made a comeback with epic Chicken Dinner.

5. Revenant Esports with 8 finishes (Topdawg, Paradox, Austin, Encore)

In the fifth match, Revenant Esports played very well their gameplay which lead them to a chicken dinner. Revenant had two players alive and one of the players from the team that is Topdawg which had 8 finishes from the whole team. The last zone was in Los Leones the most chaotic place in Miramar as there were many buildings at the location.  So it was zone advantage more for the Team Revenant and others tried but it wasn't enough to reach the zone as other teams were holding entrance of the zone. GG's to Revenant Esports for the chicken dinner.

6. Godlike Esports with 10 finishes (Jonathan, Clutchgod, ZGOD, Neyoo)

godlike day 2 match 6 chicken dinner

In the sixth match, Godlike Esports got their second chicken dinner for this tournament within a day and that's impressive. It was 4v1v2, Godlike Esports vs Skylightz Gaming vs Chemin Esports, then it is simple to say as we know Godlike had the number advantage so it was a perfect win for them. Neyoo, Jonathan, ZGOD, and Clutchgod did perform in this match as they were alive till the last zone and doing their thing what they are made for. GG's to Godlike Esports for the chicken dinner. 

Overall Standings Day 2 Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Tournament

overall points table day 2

If comparing this chart with day 1 its have changed but only team made into this chart thats Godlike Esports the most aggrissive team in India. It was expected from them to make a comeback on the day 2. Acutally they did go for the kills and got two chicken dinner in a day. 

overall points table day 2

Teams playing in Skyesports BGMI Mobile Open

10. TSM 
14. TEAM 8BIT 

Where to watch Skyesports Mobile Open BGMI Tournament? 

You can watch it on Official channel of Skyesports Youtube channel and as well on Loco for further matches as it is sponsored by Loco. 


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