Team XO winner of BGIS 2021: The GRIND BGMI Event

TEAM XO the winner of BGIS 2021 The Grind Event. The day 2 of the Grand Finals of  BGIS 2021 The Grind Event has been completed. TEAM XO becomes the winner of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 The Grind Event. After a long run of league stage and two days long grand finals team secured the win at the event. Team Solo Mid becomes the runner-up of the event with 157 points. Let’s check out the overall standings of the BGIS 2021 The Grind Grand Finals. 

team winner BGIS the grind

Team XO dominated the event and were the only team to grab four chicken dinners. They accumulated a total of 173 points with the help of 77 frags. 

Runners UP of BGIS 2021: THE GRIND


tsm second the grind final

TSM came in second place with 157 points. The team was also the most aggressive in the finals and secured 81 points through frags. TSM has improved a alot and you will see this team in future in many tournament for sure because they have been proving themselves alot since game as relaunched. 


godlike third the grind

Godlike came in third place with 154 points. This team haven't been playing with main lineup sometimes but it is also an most aggressive team in Finals as the tried best if they might have won the last match we can say they would be at First Position. Surprisingly, Godlike had same position points 77 and finishes points 77.


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