TSM qualified for BGIS 2021 Quarterfinals and took 31 defeats in one match

On the third day of the BGIS 2021 Online Qualifiers Round 3, teams like TSM and 7Sea Esports took part in Group 8 matches. Although both teams were good enough to qualify for the quarterfinals, it was TSM who pleasantly surprised everyone.

bgis quaterfinals tsm

This team displayed aggressive play from the very beginning, which showed in the overall standings, where they became the first team this round to cross the 100-point threshold. The team accumulated a whopping 110 points with the help of 68 defeats. For quite some time, TSM has been one of the best teams on the circuit, and their performance today demonstrated this.

BGIS: Round 3 Day 3 - Group 8 match overview

bgis round 3 group 8 match 1 points table

7Sea Esports won the first match played on Erangel with 13 defeats. However, it was TSM that went on to be aggressive and claim a whopping 19 frags in the match.

bgis round 3 group 8 match 2 points table

TSM continued their aggressive gameplay to claim the second match of the day with 18 defeats, where NinjaJod alone took seven frags. 7Sea once again had a great performance where they secured 12 points.

bgis round 3 group 8 match 3 points table

The third match of the day was also won by TSM, but this time they went all out and took a whopping 31 defeats in the match. NinjaJod was again the pick of the players, as they took 10 frags in the match.

Qualified teams for BGIS Quarter-Finals from Group-8

  1. TSM with110 points
  2. 7 Sea Esports with 43 points
  3. Xzist Esports with 33 points
  4. Version1 with 26 points

BGIS Round 3 Day 3 Group 12 match overview

bgis round 3 group 12 points table

The first match of group 12 was won by Sin Official with 14 points followed by Revenant Esports with six frags.

KadamOp claimed the second match with 10 defeats. Revenant Esports and Marcos Gaming both played well to secure seven and five frags, respectively.

2OP officials came out on top in the third match of the day with 17 defeats. Revenant Esports also showed their class and secured second place with 13 defeats, while Marcos Gaming played cautiously to secure six placement points.

Qualified teams for BGIS Quarter-Finals from Group-12

  1. Revenant Esports with 58 points
  2. Sin Official with 54 points
  3. 2OP officials with 41 points
  4. Deadeye Esports with 6 points


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