BGIS 2021 Grand Finals Day 3 Points Table - Team XO at the top

The third day of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS): Grand Finals 2021 has ended . After completing six matches, Team XO came as the table-toppers with 224 points and 92 finishes. Team XO, Skylightz Gaming and TSM played very well with taking frags. 

bgis day 3 points table

IQOO BGIS 2021 Grand Finals Day 3

Team which taken the chicken dinner in Day 3

  1. Team XO takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 10 finishes.
  2. Hyderabad Hydras takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 14 finishes.
  3. TSM takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 10 finishes.
  4. Skylightz Gaming takes the chicken dinner in Sanhok with 9 finishes.
  5. Skylightz Gaming takes the chicken dinner in Miramar with 10 finishes.
  6. Revenant Esports takes the chicken dinner in Erangel with 13 finishes.

TOP Fraggers BGMI Grand Finals 2021 Post Day 3

top fraggers bgis day 3

1. Neyoo from Godlike Esports with 33 finishes.
2. Topdwagg from Revenant Esports with 31 finishes.
3. Fearless from Udog India with 30 finishes.
4. Sensei from Team XO with 30 finishes.

1. Team XO with 10 finishes (Sensei, Punk, Immortal, Fierce)

team xo day 3 match 13 erangel bgis chicken dinner

Team XO is back with their performance and took the chicken dinner with double digit of finishes which lead them to climb up the points table.

2. Hyderabad Hydras with 14 finishes (MantyOP, AceBlack, Carry, StrikerFTW)

hyderabad hydras day 3 match 14 miramar bgis chicken dinner

Hyderabad Hydras is again back with chicken dinner like in Day 1 as they got chicken dinner in Miramar back to back. So today at Day 3 they got amazing finishes and chicken dinner. Let's see where they are gonna land in points table at the end of day 3.

3. TSM with 10 finishes (Aquanoxx, Shadow, NinjaJOD, Blaze)

tsm day 3 match 15 erangel bgis chicken dinner

TSM itself is a confidence team as they are known for consistency in the games. Somehow there lone player does something extensive. In this game Shadow from TSM who is an IGL of his team clutched out TEAM XO 3 players in the last zone. This lead them to get a chicken dinner and he and his teammates were so much happy as seen in the interview.

4. Skylightz Gaming with 9 finishes (Gamblaboy, Pukar, Destro, SaumRaj)

skylightz gaming day 3 match 16 sanhok bgis chicken dinner

Skylightz Gaming took the chicken dinner in most chaotic map which is Sanhok. Acutally Skylightz Gaming got the zone in the last circle which had an good compound for holding themselves and get cover and also get some finishes which can be seen in the above table.

5. Skylightz Gaming with 10 finishes (Gamblaboy, Pukar, Destro, SaumRaj)

skylightz gaming day 3 match 17 miramar bgis chicken dinner

Skylightz Gaming back with another bang in Miramar match. But there is a catch in starting of this match as Skylightz went to the El Pozo with another team TSG(The Supari Gang). SG deafeated 3 players from TSG but one player remained and maintained as it wasn't possible save his teammates. He fall backed and waited for the perfect moment where Daddy actually took off two players from Skylightz and other two gave cover for their teammates and then TSG Daddy took out one more it was then 1v1 with Gamlaboyy. But Gamblaboyy had good cover of vechile and defeated TSG daddy and saved whole Skylightz Gaming and later they went to zone won this match. 

6. Revenant Esports with 13 finishes (Topdawg, Paradox, Encore, AustinBotX)

Revenant Esports day 3 match 18 erangel bgis chicken dinner

Revenant Esports got lucky enough to get the zone, as this match was surprisingly weird as zone shifted very differently. Before the last zone was made, the last shift was made toward Miltary and there was no team in the zone. Revenant was nearer to it and they went zone and capture. Then they started taking finishes which were crossing bridge and crossing river. 

Overall Standings Day 3 BGIS Grand Finals 2021

overall points table day 3 bgis

overall points table day 3 bgis chart 2

Teams playing in BGIS 2021 Grand Finals: 

  1. Team XO
  2. Skylightz Gaming
  3. Godlike Esports
  4. OR Esports
  5. TSM
  6. Hyderabad Hydras
  7. Enigma Gaming
  8. Team X Spark
  9. UDOG India
  10. Reckoning Esports
  11. R Esports
  12. The Supari Gang
  13. Revenant Esports
  14. Old Hood ESP
  15. Tactical Esports
  16. 7Sea Esports

Where to watch BGIS Grand Finals 2021? 

You can watch it on Official channel of Battlegrounds Mobile India Youtube channel.


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