GodLike Esports going to represent India in PMGC Grand Finals

BGIS 2021 just ended yesterday and if the adrenaline rush of that month-long journey was not enough, in a recent development it has come to light that GodLike Esports is going to represent India in PMGC along with the winner of BGIS 2021, Skylightz Gaming.

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Godlike Esports Going To PMGC Grand Finals

Today, a few minutes back, GamingPro Ocean aka Ocean Sharma, a popular BGMI caster and YouTuber has announced in his Instagram live stream that GodLike will be representing India in PMGC Grand Finals.

“Officials confirmed that GodLike is going to PMGC”, says BGMI caster Ocean Sharma

As has been previously mentioned, Ocean Sharma was live on his Instagram account a few minutes back today and during his live stream, he revealed something which was completely unexpected for Indian gaming fans.

Ocean Sharma confirms this Live on His YouTube Channel

During his stream, Ocean received a call where he reportedly spoke with Tencent officials regarding GodLike’s presence in PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Championship). Here is what he said during the live stream:

“I just now received a call from Tencent officials. Not even making this up guys, brace yourselves, the hundred percent confirmation that you will hear on this stream for the first time… GodLike is going to PMGC and it is hundred percent confirmed.”

– Ocean Sharma on his live stream/ Instagram

He further added that this news was shared with him exclusively before anyone else from Tencent and it is confirmed that both GodLike and Skylightz are representing India in PMGC this year.

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Ocean also said that as the teams have to travel tomorrow, although there was an opportunity for Team XO to go to the PMGC, they might not make it because of Passport and Visa issues.

Jonathan, one of the most popular BGMI streamers and also a member of GodLike Esports have stated in his Instagram story:

“It's time the world will witness what we are capable of. It's time the world will witness how Indians support their fellow players. It's time we bring out the best with us! PMGC Incoming!”

– Jonathan IG story/ Instagram

Overall, it is really good news for GodLike fans as they waited with bated breath for the fate of their favorite team. However, the wheel of luck has really turned to the right side for GodLike as they finally get an opportunity to showcase their skills at the international level.

It is an absolute win for the Indian gaming community as well while fans wait anxiously to see what happens next in PMGC when two of the best BGMI teams in the country play there.


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