How To Optimize BGMI For Low-End Devices

 BGMI has become the foremost downloaded and played action game in India in the recent past. Players returned to the redo of the sport that replaced PUBG Mobile. Although Battlegrounds Mobile India was released in July 2021, the lite version (supposed to be introduced because the alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite) is yet to be released.

Players with low-end devices in India are waiting long for the discharge of BGMI Lite and have taken to social media to urge Krafton to release the sport. However, the wait has been prolonged since the developers haven't given any indication aside from a discord poll.

Players are still playing Battlegrounds Mobile India on their low-end devices and regularly encounter lags. However, specific settings can help in reducing the lag significantly.

Solutions to optimize BGMI on low-end devices

1) Clear phone storage

Phone storage plays a vital role in the gaming performance of a player. Players with low-end devices can head over to their phone settings and clear obsolete and redundant files to extend free space on their phones. Doing this can reduce lag to a good extent.

2) Choose the most effective graphics settings

Battlegrounds Mobile India provides its players with dedicated graphics settings. people who play the sport on low-end devices can stick with the So Smooth and Smooth graphics options to cut back lags. this may give them the same experience to it as PUBG Mobile Lite.

3) Play on the simplest FPS settings

Frame per second can affect the gaming experience of a player massively. Lags are primarily felt in frame drops. Therefore, players playing BGMI on low-end devices must choose the best FPS option available on their phones. While some brands provide the High FPS option, some brands offer Ultra FPS.

4) Refrain from downloading resource packs

The latest 1.8 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India encompasses a download size of 1.6 GB. However, the various resource packs present within the game increase the dimensions of the sport by over 1.5 GB. This increases the overall game size, which ends up in an exceedingly prolonged loading time. Hence, players can avoid downloading resource packs.


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