Villager Esports BGMI Winter Masters 2022 Finals: Winner team, Points Table, and MVP

Enigma Gaming has become the winner of the BGMI Villager Esports Winter Masters. Almost six days of action-packed Grand Finals, the team got in the top spot with 367 points and 151 finishes. The team will get a cash prize of 7 lakhs INR.

villager esports winter master grand finals

Team Forever, who was at the bottom of the standings after day 2, surprised everyone by claiming second place with 319 points and 138 finishes. They won 3.5 lakhs INR. BGIS 2021 Champion Skylightz Gaming has once again proved why they are one of the best teams in the country. The team took third place with 315 points and 137 frags.

Overall ranking of Villager Esports BGMI Winter Masters Finals

Villager Esports winter master points table

GodLike Esports, who represented India in the PMGC 2021 Finals, pushed hard in the last two days to finish in fourth place with 297 points and 156 kills. Orangutan Gaming occupied the fifth spot with 295 points and 113 finishes.

Fan-favorite Team Soul, which was in the top five until yesterday, slipped to eighth place with 275 points. Despite securing 100 points on day 1, TSM failed to gain momentum as they were placed in 11th place with 266 points.

villager esports bgmi winter master points table

Team XO, known for being one of the most consistent teams, had a poor run in the tournament. The team finished in 12th place with 240 points. Celsius FTW was disqualified from the tournament for violating the rules.

Top Fraggers of Villager Esports Winter Masters BGMI Tournament 2022

villager esports winter master top fragger mvp

  1. GodLike Esports Jonathan - 59 finishes
  2. TSM NinjaJod - 51 finishes
  3. Enigma Gaming Saggy - 47 finishes
  4. Orange Rock Aditya - 46 finishes
  5. Skylightz Gaming Gamlaboyy - 44 finishes

Jonathan once again proved what he is capable of. He won the MVP award with 59 finishes. NinjaJod from TSM secured second place on the kill leaderboard with 51 frags.

Saggy from Enigma Gaming secured third place with 47 frags, closely followed by Aditya with 46 kills.

  • Winner - 7,00,000 INR - Enigma Gaming
  • 1st Runner-Up - 3,50,000 INR - Team Forever
  • 2nd Runner-Up - 1,50,000 INR - Skylightz Gaming
  • 4th Place - 75,000 INR - GodLike Esports
  • 5th Place - 50,000 INR - Orangutan Esports
  • MVP - 1,00,000 INR - GodLike Jonathan

Most Finishes by a Squad - 25,000 INR - GodLike Esports


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