BGMI Royale Pass (RP) C2S6 Month 11 rewards, release date, and more details

 Fans and players of BGMI are eagerly anticipating the release of a new Royale Pass, as well as the start of a new season in the game. Instead of the former standard, where only one RP was available for the entire season, each season now has two passes.

bgmi C2S6 Royal pass month 11 release date

The Month 11 Royale Pass, which includes various new cosmetics and items, will be included in the 2.0 release. Players can use UC to acquire the M11 RP and test on the new items.

What are the new prizes for BGMI players in the Month 11 Royale Pass?

bgmi royal pass 11

The topic of the forthcoming Month 11 RP is Hidden Hunters. It adds a number of new cosmetics and goods to the game that players can utilise to extend their inventory. The paid RP portion will include themed rewards, whereas the free RP part will merely have a few new things.

Here's a look at the rewards for the upcoming Hidden Hunters RP:

  • RP Rank 1: Ultimate Trendsetter Set and Electrotech Scar-LRP 
  • Rank 5: Ultimate Trendsetter Mask along with Ultimate Trendsetter CoverRP 
  • Rank 10: Ultimate Trendsetter HelmetRP
  • Rank 15: RP Avatar (M11), Lunar Spear Ornament, and Rising Uppercut Emote (also available in the free RP section)RP
  • Rank 20: Sinisflame Molotov Cocktail and Foxy Twins Parachute (also available in the free RP section)RP
  • Rank 23: Armed Raider Cover (also available in the free RP section)RP 
  • Rank 25: Armed Raider Set (also available in the free RP section)RP Rank 30: Blockade Ahead Emote and Crimson Emblem Plane FinishRP 
  • Rank 35: Fruit Feast Uzi (also available in the free RP section)RP Rank 40: Biotech M16A4RP 
  • Rank 50: Purity Defender Set, Purity Defender Cover or Elegant Finesse Set, Elegant Finesse Cover
Players can also purchase RP rank up cards for 1000 UC apiece, which will help them rank up 10 RP levels at once.

When will the Royale Pass for Month 11 be available in BGMI?

bgmi royal pass c2s6 month 11 rewards

On the 18th of May, the ongoing Month 10 Royale Pass will come to an end, resulting in the RP area being shut for a few hours. The Royale Pass for Month 11 will be released on May 19th at 5.30 a.m. IST.

The BGMI RP for Month 11 will be themed 'Hidden Hunters,' and will be available in two versions: the standard Elite Pass (360 UC) and the improved Elite Pass Plus (360 UC) (960 UC).

The new M11 RP will run for four weeks, with each week featuring exclusive weekly tasks. Completing these missions will allow players to gain RP levels and gain access to a variety of goodies.

Players who purchased the M9 or M10 earlier will receive an EZ License Card, which will allow them to unlock tasks for the next week ahead of the rest of the world.


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