BGMI Thug Invitational Season 5 Finals Day 2: Points and Overview, and more

The BGMI Thug Invitational Season 5 finals entered their second day. Saturday was jam-packed with action, with 16 Tier 1 teams competing in six matches.

Thug invitational season 5 finals day 2

Global Esports maintained its lead, finishing first with 77 kills and 162 points. Since the final day one, the team has been on a roll without losing their aggressive DNA.

Team XO advanced one rank to second place with 152 points, demonstrating why they are known for their consistent performances. Despite taking two chicken dinners today, Enigma Gaming fell to third place with 151 points, while league stage leader Chemin held on to fourth place with 120 points.

Fan-favorite Team Soul had a terrific day, jumping six positions thanks to 75 points earned in six matches.

GodLike is still struggling in 11th position, while fan favourite Team XSpark is in 13th place and is attempting to find their footing.

The bad performance of OR Esports, which has been in top form for a few months, is the biggest surprise.

Thug Invitational Season 5 Finals Day 2: Points Table/Overall Standings 

Thug Invitational Season 5 day 2 points table

Team XO won the first Miramar match with 13 kills, defeating Team SOUL, who finished second with 15 kills. The second match of the day was won by RVNG Esports with 11 kills, followed by Global Esports and Team XO.


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