BMOC Round 4 Group 1: Overall standings, Top 6 BGMI teams qualify for BMPS Season 1

 The top six teams from Group 1 qualified for BMPS Season 1 on the first day of the BMOC Round 4 competition. Throughout the day, Global Esports dominated, scoring 109 points in six matchups. Initiative Academy came in second with 81 points, followed by Big Brother Esports.

Bmoc Round 4 Group 1

Both Team INS and Hydra Official had a successful day, making it to the BMPS. With 42 points, including 26 placement points, GOG Esports took sixth place.

The Orangutan got 42 points as well. Unfortunately, the squad finished in seventh place with only 22 placement points. Revenge Esports finished ninth, with Chemin Esports coming in 12th.

BMOC Round 4 Group 1: Overall Standings

  1. Global Esports - 109 points
  2. Big Brother Esports - 81 points
  3. Initiative Academy - 66 points
  4. Team INS - 63 points
  5. Hydra Official - 62 points
  6. GOG Esports - 42points
  7. Orangutan - 42points
  8. Revenge Esports - 39points
  9. Bhule Bhatke - 38 points
  10. Faith - 37 points
  11. Elite Squad - 31 points
  12. Chemin Esports - 31 points
  13. Team P6 - 30points
  14. The Unstoppables - 27points
  15. Team Mayhem - 11 points
  16. Team OneKnockPush - 5 points

BMOC Group 1: Review

Global Esports dominated the first match of Erangel, capturing a 24-kill-chicken meal. In their first match, they scored 39 points. With five finishes, the underdog squad GOG Esports finished second. With 5 frags, Orangutan came in third.

Hydra Official, which is owned by prominent YouTuber Dynamo Gaming, finished fourth with four finishes. Only 3 and 2 points were earned by Revenge and Chemin Esports, respectively.

In the second match on the Miramar map, Big Brother Esports took a nine-kill chicken feast. Global Esports came in second position for the second consecutive year. In their two games, the team scored 59 points.

Revenge took third place with seven frags, while Chemin Esports finished fifth. Orangutans had previously been eliminated with only one kill point.


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