BMOC Round 4 Group 2 Points Table with Top 6 BGMI teams qualify for BMPS Season 1

The top six teams from BMOC Round 4 have qualified to the BMPS Season 1 after the conclusion of Group 2 matches. Team Soul performed admirably, taking first place in the overall standings with 94 points. Enigma Gaming came in second with 84 points, followed by Team XO.

bmoc round 4 group 2 day 2 points table

Blind Esports finished fourth in the overall standings after an aggressive final match. Autobotz and Retribution RTR, two underdog teams, also made the top six.

GodLike, a popular BGMI squad, finished eighth with 50 points, failing to qualify for the BMPS S1. Both Revenant Esports and Truerippers had terrible showings, finishing outside the top six.

Overall standings of BMOC Round 4 Group 2

These are the official standings after round 4 of BMOC's group 2:

  1. Team Soul - 94 points
  2. Team XO - 84 points
  3. Enigma Gaming - 75 points
  4. Blind Esports - 62 points
  5. Autobotz Esports - 56 points
  6. Retribution RTR - 56 points
  7. Entity Gaming - 51 points
  8. GodLike Esports - 50 points
  9. TF5 Esports - 49 points
  10. Mysterious X - 31 points
  11. Trurippers - 28 points
  12. Team INR - 23 points
  13. Revenant - 22 points
  14. DeathMate - 14 points
  15. The Last Legends- 13 points
  16. IMRNT Esports - 12 points

BMOC Round 4 Group 2: Matches Overview

Team Soul began the day with a bang, winning the first match on Erangel by a score of 15 to 0. Goblin, their standout player, had 12 kills and was named MVP. GodLike came in second place in the match standings with 18 points, including 10 kills.

Team Soul, who ended in fourth place, eliminated them. With five and four points, Enigma Gaming and Revenant placed seventh and eighth, respectively. In the contest, Team XO only scored one point.

TF5 won the second match with eight finishes after switching to the Miramar layout. Meanwhile, Team Soul came in second place after seven eliminations and a strong performance by Akshat.

GodLike and Team XO both scored 13 and 12 points for their aggressive performance. With five frags, XO Punk was named MVP of the match. Revenant and Enigma, on the other hand, had another ordinary result.

The third match was won by Team XO, lead by Sensei, with nine eliminations. Enigma was in the final circle, however they were defeated by Team XO and were ousted in third place with nine finishes. Truerippers came in second with three finishes, while GodLike received only four.

With nine finishes, Team XO secured back-to-back chicken dinners. In the fourth match, the end zone favoured them, and they defeated Enigma Gaming in the final battle. Team Enigma came in third with 14 kills and Entity Gaming came in second with five frags. GodLike won the match with six points, while Team Soul went home empty-handed.

Retribution RTR won the fifth BMOC match on Miramar with a total of 12 finishes. Team Soul played aggressively once more, claiming 16 eliminations.

With 11 and 7 finishes, Enigma and Blind managed to keep their second and third places, respectively. GodLike and Team XO had a poor performance, scoring only four and three points, respectively.

BMOC Round 4 Group 2 Day 2 Stream


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