BMOC Round 4 Group 4 Points Table with Top 6 BGMI teams qualify for BMPS Season 1

On the fourth and final day of the Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC), the fields of Erangle, Miramar, and Sanhok saw some of the most fierce battles. Six matches were played between 16 teams in order to clinch the top six spots and ensure their qualification for BMPS Season 1.

bmoc round 4 group 4 day 4 points table

The first three days of BMOC Round 4 have already been full with surprises. Godlike, Skylightz Gaming, and Team XSpark were all eliminated after failing to secure a berth in the final six.

TSM, Enigma Forever, and Chicken Rushers were among the invited teams who failed to place in the top six places on Day-4. Let's take a look at which teams from Group-4 qualified for the BMPS Season-1.

Overall standings of BMOC Round 4 Group 4

These are the official standings after round 4 of BMOC's group 4:

  1. Team Kinetic - 64 points
  2. REsports - 64 points
  3. Hyderabad Hydras - 57 points
  4. Nigma Galaxy - 56 points
  5. ACBC Esports 56 points
  6. FS Esports - 56 points
  7. Team Celtz - 55 points
  8. Enigma Forever - 53 points
  9. BurnX Official - 50 points
  10. TSM - 42 points
  11. Team Solitude - 40 points
  12. Redemption Crew - 37 points
  13. Myst Official - 33 points
  14. Endless - 20 points
  15. Chicken Rushers - 19 points
  16. Optxrising Falcon - 19 points 

BMOC Round 4 Group 4: Matches Overview

On Day 4, one thing stayed consistent with the rest of the days: qualifying teams continued to dominate. With 12 finishes, Team Kinetic secured the first chicken meal on the Erangle map.

Celtz, an invited squad, came in second. TSM and Team Forever Engima, for example, struggled to get their campaigns off to a good start.

Following their victory in Erangle, Team Kinetic maintained their momentum in the second map, securing 15 placement points with 11 finishes. In the end, it was a 3 vs 3 battle with Team FS, with Kinetic emerging victorious.

TSM came online in the third match, one of the fan-favorite teams that was expected to dominate the queue. The team won the chicken supper on the Sanhok map, despite the fact that the last circle was not in their favour and they were down a man.

The fourth match was obviously intended for the invited teams, as the majority of them scored well. Nigma Galaxy won the chicken supper, while Team Enigma Forever wrecked havoc on the Erangle map. The squad scored 15 finishesand got the most points from the lobby.

R Esports got a chicken dinner with 12 finishes, proving why they were one of the invited teams. Furthermore, until the fifth game, it was unclear whether the teams would finish in the top six.

Nigma Galaxy nailed it on the last map to secure BMPS Season 1 qualification, scoring 16 massive finishes and a chicken dinner. The game was one of the best in the competition and provided a great deal of enjoyment.

BMOC Round 4 Group 2 Day 4 Stream


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