BMPS S1 Week 3 starting date, BGMI teams, where to watch and more

 The league stage of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 is entering its last week after two thrilling weeks. The final week will start on June 2 and last through June 5.

bmps s1 week 3 starting date

A total of 24 matches will be contested between 24 teams (each team playing 16 matches), with the weekly points tally being tallied to the overall points table at the end.

The top 16 teams in the cumulative points table will advance to the BMPS finals, while the rest of the field will be eliminated.

Week 3 will generate more excitement than the previous two weeks, as the worst teams will be in a fight for survival. The majority of the underdog clubs had a poor second week and will need to play consistently in week three.

For the first time in the official BGMI competition, four Vikendi maps were presented the previous week, and Sanhok was left out.

BMPS S1 Week 3 teams and Group

Group A

  1. Global Esports
  2. Enigma Gaming
  3. Team INS
  4. GOG Esports
  5. Hydra Esports
  6. Autobotz
  7. Retribution RTR
  8. WSF Esports

Group B

  1. OR Esports
  2. Initiative Academy
  3. Big Brother Esports
  4. Blind Esports
  5. Nigma Galaxy
  6. Marcos Gaming
  7. Walkouts
  8. ACBC

Group C

  1. Team Soul
  2. R Esports
  3. FS Esports
  4. 7Sea Esports
  5. Hyderabad Hydras
  6. Kinetic
  7. Team XO
  8. UP50


OR Esports snatched the lead from Team Soul and crossed the 450-point mark first. In the 16 games they played, the team scored a remarkable 256 points.

In their 32 matchups, OR Esports has won nine chicken dinners. Erangel had five chicken meals, Miramar had two, while Sanhok and Vikendi each got one.

Team XO, which began the week in 17th place, has climbed 15 spots to take second place. This massive increase demonstrates their consistency this week. Because Team Soul only managed 126 points this week, they fell to third place, while Hydra Official climbed into the top five.


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