BMPS Season 1 Day 1: Overall Standings, Points table, Top 5 players, and more

The Battle Ground Mobile India Pro Series (Bmps), in which 24 teams compete, has begun. Which is divided into three groups, with the top 16 teams advancing to the finals and the bottom eight teams being eliminated. To advance to the fourth round of the BMOC 2022, 24 teams were chosen. These 24 teams will now compete in the BMPS Season:1 competition. The final round of BMOC 2022 featured 32 teams, and the remaining 32 teams were asked to participate. These 64 teams have been separated into four groups, each with 16 players.

It has been a very successful day for Team Soul on the day 1 of BMPS Season 1. Audience are happy to witness this amazing performance by Team soul topping the table with consistent performance consecutively. 

Autobotz, an underdog team 2nd highest points in the table has shown that they deserve this position more than anyone today. Outstanding performance but still team soul have taken a big lead against them in this early stages of BMPS Leagues Stages.

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BMPS Season 1 League Stage Day 1: Overall Standings

Bmps week 1 day points table
Bmps season 1 day 1 overall standings

Team Xo definitely a disappointing performance from them today, but its just the beginning of the BMPS league stages. Surely they are going to come back on the second day. 


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