BMPS Top 5 BGMI Teams to Watch in Season 1 League Stage

 Season 1 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) will begin on May 19, 2022. The country's largest esports event will last around a month and end on June 12, 2022. To get to the finals, the top 24 teams must battle in three week-long league stages.

bmps top 5 bgmi teams to watch in season 1 league stage

Let's take a look at the top teams to watch in the BMPS S1 League stages before the league stage begins.

Teams to watch out for in BMPS Season 1 league stage

5. Hyderabad Hydras

Despite being in a difficult group, they breezed through qualifying for BMPS. With all of that expertise, the team will do their hardest in BMPS in order to win the title. Despite not receiving a chicken meal, the team finished third in the BMOC Round 4 competition.

bmps teams to watch in season 1

The squad has been around for a while and has performed well in third-party contests. The All-Star Invitational, a BGMI LAN event, saw the team finish second.

4. Global Esports

Global Esports had a poor showing at the BGIS 2021, and they are determined to win their first official BGMI event.

The team acquired a new underdog roster a few months ago, and they've been performing admirably since then. GE dominated the BMOC, scoring 100 points and being the only team out of 64 to do so. In addition, three members of the squad made the top ten fraggers list.

3. OR Esports

OR Esports has been displaying excellent gameplay in recent months. They also won their BMOC rounds, defeating BGIS champion Skylightz Gaming as well as other powerhouses like XSpark and 8Bit.

OR bmps season 1 league stage

Attanki and Aditya have been excellent, and Jelly has been a standout IGL. The team took first place in the 7SEA BGMI Invitational.

2. Team SOUL

Squad Soul, India's most popular BGMI team, has been on a tear since signing their new BGMI roster. They have won two minor tournaments and finished third in three others.

team soul bmps season 1 league stage

The team dominated the BMOC, taking first place after defeating GodLike, Enigma, and Revenant. Goblin and Akshat were among the BMOC's best fraggers, demonstrating their class.

1. Team XO

The team is recognised for its rotations and consistency. Sensei has established himself as a trustworthy IGL, and his teammates enjoy working with him. The squad won the Skyesports Grand Slam and Upthrust Esports 2022 tournaments, as well as placing well in BGIS 2021. Snax, an experienced BGMI player, was just signed by the team. The team will be aiming for their first official BMPS trophy.

team xo bmps season 1 league stage

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Fans should also keep an eye on Enigma Gaming, 7Sea Esports, Kinetic, WSF, and Walkouts. Battlegrounds Mobile India's YouTube and loco channels will broadcast the action live.


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