Kaash Plays' YouTube income, BGMI ID, stats, rank, and more

 Kaashvi Hiranandini is one of India's most prominent BGMI female content developers. Within a brief streaming career, she has amassed a sizable fanbase that watch her daily streams and interact with her.

Kaash returned to India after graduating from Singapore and began working as a full-time gamer. She is a role model for young females who aspire to be gamers.

Kaash Play's bgmi

Kaash's YouTube Journey

Kaash has benefited much from being a part of S8UL and 8bit Creatives, since her content has reached many more players and fans of the game. They flock to her films and livestreams to learn more about the lighter side of the typically serious game. As a result, she has amassed a fanbase of over 495K subscribers.

According to Social Blade, Kaash's popular YouTube channel has made between $593 and $9.5K in revenue in the last 30 days. During this time, she has also amassed over 12K subscribers.

Kaash's BGMI ID & In- Game Name

5111797650 is Kaash's in-game ID. S8ULKaash is her in-game name, with "S8UL" standing for the gaming company she represents at events and collaboration videos.

Kaash plays bgmi id and ign

Seasonal statistics show how a player performed during a certain season. Kaash is notable for live streaming the game on YouTube and LOCO. Despite the fact that she plays for leisure, her BGMI stats show how much she has improved over time. She now plays with more confidence and has a better understanding of the maps and match scenarios.

Kaash has already positioned herself in the Diamond V tier four days into the new Cycle 2 Season 6, garnering 3219 total seasonal points. The streamer might as well reach the Ace Master or Ace Dominator rank if she plays regularly, like she did in C2S5.


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