Orangutan, Chemin, and Revenge Esports all failed to qualify for the first season of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS)

 As the first day of the Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) Round 4 came to a close, a few of the scene's most experienced teams were eliminated. These eliminations came as a shock because these teams had been in tier 1 from the start of the tournament. Chemin Esports won the Skyesports tournament, while Orangutan won the BMOC: The Grind.

Orangutan, Chemin and revenge bmoc 2022

Orangutan Esports came in seventh position after scoring 42 points in six games. GOG Esports had 42 points as well, but earned more placement points than Orangutan, putting them in sixth position.

BMOC Round 4 Group 1: Overall Rankings

  1. Global Esports - 109 points
  2. Big Brother Esports - 81 points
  3. Initiative Academy - 66 points
  4. Team INS - 63 points
  5. Hydra Official - 62 points
  6. GOG Esports - 42 points
  7. Orangutan - 42 points
  8. Revenge Esports - 39 points
  9. Bhule Bhatke - 38 points
  10. Faith - 37 points
  11. Elite Squad - 31 points
  12. Chemin Esports - 31 points
  13. Team P6 - 30 points
  14. The Unstoppables - 27 points
  15. Team Mayhem - 11 points
  16. Team OneKnockPush - 5 points
Revenge came in eighth place with 39 points, while Chemin came in 12th. The Unstoppables, who had been one of the best teams in the previous round, struggled this time. In addition, another invited squad, Team Mayhem, had a horrible tournament.

With five frags, Orangutan Esports finished second in the opening match of the day, while Revenge and Chemin were eliminated early. With 24 kills, Global Esports dominated this round.

Orangutan was eliminated beginning of the second round, but Chemin and Revenge finished in the top five.Orangutan was eliminated beginning of the second round, but Chemin and Revenge finished in the top five.

Orangutan was the third-ranked team with 17 points in the third match, while Revenge and Chemin were rated 10th and 12th, respectively, on Sanhok. The fourth match, held on Erangel, was a disaster for all three teams, with none of them scoring more than 2 points.

In the fifth match, Revenge Esports placed fifth, while Chemin and Orangutan were eliminated early for the second time. For these three teams, the final match was a do-or-die situation, but the pressure got to them, and they were eliminated early.

Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge Season 1 qualified teams

1. Global Esports

2. Big Brother Esports

3. Initiative Esports

4. Team INS

5. Hydra Official

6. GOG Esports

Only two teams from round three were invited from among the qualified teams. The surprising exit today demonstrated how fierce the rivalry has become in recent months. Amateur teams are putting up a fight, while seasoned teams will have to play their best to qualify for Season 1 of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series.


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