PEL 2022 Spring Finals Day 1: Overall standings, top 5 players, overview and more

 The Peacekeeper Elite Professional League (PEL) 2022 Spring Grand Finals kicked off today, with the top 15 teams from the playoffs vying for the championship. Finalists received bonus points based on their playoff performances.

pel 2022 spring finals day 1

Five matches were played on three different maps on the opening day. Six Two Eight (STE) remained in top place after Day 1 with 85 points, including two chicken dinners. 4 Angry Men (4AM), who have only one point on the board, were in fantastic form, finishing second with 64 points.

Pel 2022 spring finals day 1 overall standings

Nova Esports finished third with 49 points, despite having 20 headstart points and a chicken supper in the first match. Team PAI was in sixth place with 39 points, followed by The Chosen, captained by Suk.

LGD Gaming, who had a 15-point lead, had a bad day, scoring only 16 points in five matches. JTeam finished in 15th place with 15 points.

PEL 2022 Spring Finals Day 1: Review

Nova Esports, the two-time world champions, dominated the first match with a chicken meal that included 10 kill points. The three teams, Nova, STE, and 4AM, were fighting in the map's last circle. With four elimination points, STE came in second. 4AM, on the other hand, scored 18 points, including five third-place points and 13 kill points.

Pel 2022  points table day 1

After defeating Team PeRo in their previous fight, Team PAI won the second encounter with 16 points. With 7 points, The Chosen (TC) finished third, whereas Nova had a terrible match and was eliminated with only three points.

PEL 2022 Points table day 1 spring finals

4AM won the third match with 21 points after winning a 1 vs. 2 battle against All Gamers (AG). TEC and Kone each received 10 points, putting AG in second place with 14 points.

In the final circle of the fourth match, defending champions STE defeated AG and Kone for 19 points. AG and Kone both scored 13 points. Nova Esports had a dismal showing in the following three matches after winning the first.

Pel 2022 spring finals day 1 MVp

With 22 elimination points, STE once again controlled the action-packed fifth match. The final battle between STE and 4AM at Erangel's Gorgeo Hill drew a lot of attention. For STE, it was his second chicken dinner in a row.


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