Team Soul has qualified for the first season of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS)

After a tremendous performance in the BMOC Round 4, Team Soul, owned by Mortal, a former PUBG Mobile Pro player and one of India's most well-known content developers, qualified for the BMPS Season 1. The team scored 94 points, with finishes accounting for 50 percent of the total.

Team soul qualifies for BMPS Season 1

The top six teams from Group 2 advanced to the BMPS S1 tournament, while the remaining teams were eliminated. The top 16 teams (eight invited and eight qualifying) competed in a total of six matches in the Group.

After a disappointing performance at BGIS 2021, Team Soul has signed a new BGMI roster. For the past few months, the roster has consistently performed well. The team, led by Omega, was unable to compete in the first BGMI LAN event, the All Stars Invitational.

Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1: Qualified teams from Group 2

  1. Team Soul
  2. Team XO
  3. Enigma Gaming
  4. Blind Esports
  5. Autobotz
  6. Retribution RTR
GodLike Esports, one of the most popular teams, however, was unable to clinch a seat in the BMPS S1, finishing eighth. Other Invited Teams, Revenant, and Entity Gaming were also disqualified from the competition.

BMOC Round 4 Group 2: Overall Standings

  1. Team Soul - 94 points
  2. Team XO - 84 points
  3. Enigma Gaming - 75 points
  4. Blind Esports - 62 points
  5. Autobotz Esports - 56 points
  6. Retribution RTR - 56 points
  7. Entity Gaming - 51 points
  8. GodLike Esports - 50 points
  9. TF5 Esports - 49 points
  10. Mysterious X - 31 points
  11. Truerippers - 28 points
  12. Team INR - 23 points
  13. Revenant - 22 points
  14. DeathMate - 14 points
  15. The Last Legends - 13 points
  16. IMPRT Esports - 12 points

Performance of Team Soul in BMOC Round 4 Group 2

In the first match of Group 2, Team Soul got off to a good start. They managed 15 eliminations, with Goblin claiming 12 kills. The last zone favoured the squad, and they capitalised on it with a dominant performance.

Team Soul finished second in the second match on Miramar with 7 kills. With surviving gameplay, Akshat helped his team place second. TF5 was victorious in this match.

In the third encounter, the team only scored 6 points. Despite being ousted in fourth place, they put on an incredible display in their fifth match, securing 16 finishes. Akshat and Goblin came in eighth and fourth, respectively.

The first season of the BMPS will begin on May 19, 2022, and will last until June 12, 2022. So far, 12 teams have qualified for the tournament.


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