Team Xspark failed to qualify for the first season of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS)

Some of the most well-known BGMI teams failed to move to the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 during the BMOC Round 4 day 3 outcomes. In the meantime, some underdog teams astonished everyone with their performance. Team Xspark, led by experienced BGMI IGL Mavi, fell short of the fans' expectations and failed to qualify for the BMPS Season 1 competition.

team xspark bmoc

In six games, the team only managed to score 18 points. BGIS Champion Skylightz, unlike Team Xspark, did not qualify for the BMPS S1.

Scout apologised to the fans for Team Spark's lacklustre performance in an Instagram story.

Scout Insta Story after Bmoc round 4

"I tried as much as I could but my efforts have clearly not been upto the mark. I have no excuses for this defeat but all I can promise you is that I will never stop fighting for all those who look up to me. I have never had anything handed to me, I have always earned my worth and the future will be no different. Whatever it takes, I will not shy away from working the hardest I have ever worked. Apologies to everyone yet again."

Mavi also revealed in an Instagram story that he had sound troubles during all six games.

Mavi Having Issues with game in Bmoc round 4

Since forming a new squad after the debut of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Team Xspark has been suffering. In the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021, the team finished 12th, and their top player, Gill, left to join Godlike.

Team Xspark's performance at BMOC Round 4

Team Xspark's performance at BMOC Round 4

In their first encounter, Team Xspark lost to Yasnaya Polyana, who benefited greatly from the first circle. The team, however, did not make it to the end zone because the end zone shrank around Severny. As a result, the squad received two points and was eliminated. With 11 eliminations, WSF Esports won the first match.

In the second match, the team attempted to play more aggressively. Unfortunately, it did not succeed, and the team was ousted with 6 eliminations earlier in the match. Scout advanced to the top five players after three eliminations. OR Esports emerged victorious with 11 finishes.

On the Sanhok map, the team was caught during the rotation and was eliminated without scoring a single point. Xspark did not do well in the fourth match, which was won by Team Currency. They needed to make it to the final zone. They were unfortunately eliminated.

The team's poor play continued in the next two games, resulting in a total of 18 points at the end of the day.


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