BGMI BMPS Week 3 Day 12 Points Table with Top Fragger List

OR Esports topped the overall standings with 562 points, with 270 finishes and nine chicken dinners in 48 matches, as the BMPS Season 1 League Stage came to a close today. With 519 points, Team Soul came in second place, with 274 finishers and six chicken dinners.

bmps week 3 day 12 overall standing with top fragger list

With 488 points, Sensei-led Team XO came in third, followed by Nigma Galaxy. With 413 and 407 points, Global Esports and Hyderabad remained in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

The top 16 teams in the overall standings have qualified for the BMPS Grand Finals, which will begin on June 9. The remaining eight teams in the pro series have been eliminated.

BGMI BMPS Week 3 Day 12: Overall Standings, Points Table

bmps week 3 day 12 points table

bmps week 3 day 12 points table 2

bmps week 3 day 12 points table 3

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BMPS Day 12 Top Fragger List

  1. Soul Goblin with 120 finishes.
  2. OR Aditya with 95 finishes.
  3. XO Fierce with 77 finishes.
  4. OR Attanki with 73 finishes.
  5. BB Scream with 73 finishes.
  6. Soul Akshat with 72 finishes.
  7. 7Sea Sarang with 71 finishes.
  8. NG MJ with with 68 finishes.
  9. Kinetic God with 68 finishes.
  10. 7Sea Spraygod with 66 finishes.
  11. OR Aaru with 65 finishes.
  12. GE Manya with 65 finishes
bmps top fraggers

Note: With same number of finishes are differentiated with highest damage they have given in all matches.

BMPS Season 1 League Week 3 Day 12: Matches Overview

With seven finishes in the opening match of the day, Team Soul earned their sixth chicken dinner. Autobotz had the upper hand in the fight against Soul, but were unable to win and finished in second place with nine eliminations. Global Esports and INS were eliminated with only one point each, while Team XO received nine points.

In the second bout, Walkouts put on a spectacular display, earning a 9-kill chicken dinner. With nine and three frags, ACBC and OR came in second and third, respectively. Hydra and INS both received six points, while Nigma and Global Esports each received three.

Hyderabad Hydras won the Vikendi match between Group B and Group C with seven frags. With 4 and 12 finishes, Big Brother Esports and 7SEA came in second and third, respectively. Team XO and Soul each scored seven and six points.

In the fourth match on the Erangel Map, R Esports won by 9 kills. FS Esports also put in a strong showing, finishing second with 9 kills. With 13 and 12 points, Blind Esports and OR came in third and fourth, respectively.

WSF took the win with 9 kills in the final circle after an action-packed battle. Team Soul put forth a strong performance, finishing second with 12 eliminations. Team INS also put in a strong showing, scoring 23 points in the encounter. Enigma, 7SEA, and Hydra each received one point.

WSF claimed a tremendous 16-kill chicken dinner, which enabled them earn a spot in the Grand Finals despite finishing 15th overall. Blind Esports fought till the last end, but were unable to advance to the finals.

BMPS Schedule for League Stage

  • Week 1 - 19th to 22nd May | 16:30 IST
  • Week 2 - 26th to 29th May | 16:30 IST
  • Week 3 - 2nd to 5th June | 16:30 IST

Grand Finals - 9th to 12th June | TBD

You can watch stream on youtube if you haven't watched it yet.


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