BGMI Master Series Day 2 Points Table, Top Fragger, and Short Overview


bgmi masters series day 2 points table, top fraggers list

Another day with crazy action of Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series, Begins with a bang as 'Team Soul' the chicken dinner in Miramar match with 14 amazing finishes on the board. Fans and players from all over the country gathered to watch four matches featuring their favorite stars fighting against other professional athletes.

League Stages, which last for three weeks, are followed by Grand Finals in the competition. Each week's total prize pool will be 25 lakhs, and the latter will have a 75 lakhs prize pool. The distribution of prizes for the last round has not yet been made public.

BGMI Masters Series 2022: Chicken Dinner Teams

The second day of BGMS concludes with some amazing performances seen by Team Soul, Team Insane, and Blind Esports. These teams are making their mark on India's first-ever live television lan event. 

1) Team Soul Chicken Dinner with 14 Finishes

bgmi master series day 2 match 1 chicken dinner team soul

Team Soul finally getting their first chicken dinner in Battlegrounds Master Series 2022. Amazing comeback match for them as they become victorious and gain momentum from this game and climb up the ladder in overall rankings.

2) Team Insane Esports Chicken Dinner with 7 Finishes

bgmi masters series day 2 match 2 chicken dinner team insane

Team Insane a team with experienced players finally claims that chicken dinner with 7 finishes. The circles had some hard shifts which caused a lot of teams to move fast and a chaotic moment was happening around mount Everest hill. 

3) Team Insane Esports Chicken Dinner with 7 Finishes

bgmi masters series day 2 match 3 chicken dinner team insane

Insane as the name suggests, again cracks the chicken dinner with 10 finishes. Insane Aadi did a 1v2 clutch against Or which led them to this amazing victory in such a high-tier tournament match. OR has continued their domination in today's match with 10 finishes. 

4) Team Blind Chicken Dinner with 12 Finishes

bgmi masters series day 2 match 4 chicken dinner blind

GodLike Jonathan had a great opportunity in sanhok match to clutch it out and prove his legacy. But unfortunately blind finished him in the end. SG Saumraj's Heal battle led him to second position in the last match of the day.

BGMI Masters Series 2022 Day 2: Points Table

bgmi masters series day 2 points table

  1. Orange Rock Esports with 81 points including one chicken dinner.
  2. Team Insane Esports with 78 points including two chicken dinner.
  3. Fs Esports with 75 points.
  4. Blind Esports with 64 points including one chicken dinner.
  5. Orangutan with 62 points including one chicken dinner. 
  6. Team Soul with 60 points including one chicken dinner.
  7. Chemin Esports with 59 points including one chicken dinner. 
  8. Skylightz Gaming with 57 points. 

bgmi masters series day 2 points table

9. TSM with 46 points.
10. Team XO with 42 points including one chicken dinner. 
11. Team GodLike with 40 points.
12. R Esports with 33 points.
13. Global Esports with 32 points.
14. 7Sea Esports with 30 points.
15. Team 8bit with 28 points.
16. Enigma Gaming with 26 points. 

bgmi masters series day 2 points table

17. Team Enigma Forever with 26 points. 
18. Revenant Esports with 25 points.
19. Hyderabad Hydras with 24 points.
20. Team X Spark with 24 points.
21. Nigma Galaxy with 20 points.
22. Hydra Esports with 15 points.
23. Rivalry Esports with 11 points. 
24. Marcos Gaming with 8 points. 

BGMI Masters Series Day 2: Top Fraggers List 

bgmi masters series day 2 top fragger list

  1. Fs Explicit with 18 finishes.
  2. Or Attanki with 14 finishes.
  3. Tsm Aquanox with 14 finishes.
  4. Ces Destro with 14 finishes.
  5. Blind Zaddy with 13 finishes. 
Explicit with astonishing 18 finishes in this tournament is just fabulous to watch so far. Attanki on the other hand got those frags with consistent domination on each and every map. 


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