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BGMI Master Series Day 3 Week 2 Points table, Top Fragger List and Short Overview

BGMI Master Series Day 3 Week 2 Points table, Top Fragger List and Short Overview

BGMI Master Series Day 3 Week 2 Points table: Day 3 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series commenced as GodLike Esports Finally taking a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the last match of Day 3 Week 2.

bgmi master series day 3 points table godlike chicken dinner

GodLike improved substantially today, advancing from 14th to 10th with 47 points thanks to strong performances in the second and third games. They entered the top ten after winning their first Chicken Dinner in the third game. To be qualified for the weekly finals, the team must play well in its final game.


BGMI Master Series Day 3: Chicken Dinner

Due to Eggy’s 10 eliminations, Enigma Gaming began the day with a 16-kill victory in the opening match. With seven and three finishers, 8Bit and Chemin respectively took second and third. GodLike earned six points, TSM played poorly once again, while Orangutan Gaming displayed strong gameplay, scoring 14 points in the match.

Match 7. Enigma Gaming Chicken Dinner with 16 Finishes

Bgmi master series week 2 day 3 match 1 chicken dinner


Enigma Eggy was the MVP of the match and secured 10 massive kills to his name. Lot of teams suffered due to zone shifting away from them leading to their demise.

Match 8. Orangutan Chicken Dinner with 12 Finishes

Bgmi master series day 3 match 2 chicken dinner


Orangutan Gaming defeated Chemin Esports in a 1v1 match to earn a 12-frag Chicken Dinner. In the match, Team Forever, OR, and Chemin each scored 17 points, while GodLike scored ten points. The Hyderabad Hydras left the game early without contributing any points.

Match 9. GodLike Esports Game Changing Chicken Dinner with 8 Finishes

godlike master series chicken dinner


The third match’s victory for GodLike Esports gave them some relief because they had been playing under a lot of pressure in some of their previous games. They had an advantage in the final zone, which led to an easy eight-kill Chicken Dinner.
Orangutan, on the other hand, persisted in their utter dominance throughout the contest and finished first in the standings with 13 finishes.

BGMI Master Series Day 3 Points Table with Short Overview

bgmi master series week 2 day 3 points table


After a dominant performance on Week 2 Day 3 of the BGMI Masters Series 2022, Orangutan has taken the lead. The group has racked up 100 points and 55 kills, with Enigma Gaming coming in second with 73 points.
After a mediocre Day 3 performance OR Esports fell two spots to place third with 73 points. With 60 points from their five matches, Revenant Esports came in fourth place.
bgmi master series week 2 day 3 points table


Skylightz, the BGIS champion, has two matches left in the qualifying rounds and is currently in 14th place with 41 points. Team Forever and FS Esports are in positions 15 and 16, respectively.
With 33 points apiece in five and six games, Team Xspark and Hyderabad Hydras placed 18th and 19th, respectively. Rivalry is still in danger despite having a Chicken Dinner.
TSM struggled in the qualifiers, collecting just 24 points in seven games, and are on the verge of being eliminated in Week 2. With 14 and 10 points, respectively, 7Sea and R Esports are in the 23rd and 24th positions.
bgmi master series week 2 day 3 points table


BGMI Master Series Week 2 Day 3: Top Fragger List

bgmi master series week 2 day 3 top fragger list
  1. Enigma Eggy with 12 Finishes.
  2. Eggy again with 2260 Damage.

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