BGMI Masters Series Day 1 Points Table, Top Fragger, and Short Review

 After days of waiting, Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series 2022 is started today with a bang. Finally, Esports will be seen on the television channel Star Sports 2, which is an astonishing achievement for BGMI Fans in India.

bgmi master series day 1 points table, top fragger

India's Top Tier teams have showcased a fantastic performance in the day 1 of BGMI Masters Series, the action will be continuing for 4 weeks with 3 weeks consisting of 25 lakh rupees prize pool each and final week with 75 lakh rupees prize pool.

BGMI Masters Series Day 1 Chicken Dinner Teams 

The first game was claimed by Chemin Esports as the zone favored them and their gun power came out to be dominant over all the other enemies. It was a quite boosting start for all the teams experiencing the live-action while sitting in the same arena. 

 Match No. Map Team Name Finishes
 Match 1 Erangel Chemin Esports 13
 Match 2 Miramar Orangutan  15
 Match 3 Sanhok Orange Rock  15
 Match 4 Erangel Team XO  10

1) Chemin Esports Chicken Dinner with 13 Finishes 

bgmi master series day 1 match 1 chicken dinner

Chemin Esports takes the first-ever chicken dinner on television history of BGMI. Well Coordinated movements inside the circle, wiping out the squads without losing any player early in the match led them to victory. Delta PG performed exceptionally well and become the mvp of Match 1. 

2) Orangutan Chicken Dinner with 15 Finishes 

bgmi master series day 1 match 2 orangutan chicken dinner

Orangutan Esports dominaed the lobby with higher ridge advantage at the crucial stages of the match no.2. It got pretty intense when two players of Orangutan where battling it out against FS Clutch who single-handedly wiped off other two teammates of Orangutan Esports. 

3) Orange Rock Esports Chicken Dinner with 15 Finishes

bgmi master series day 1 match 3 orange rock chicken dinner

OR Esports getting their horses on the track and claiming the crazy chicken dinner with 15 finishes. Blind Esports after a poor performance they finally seem to get themselves a good position in points table with 7 finishes. Team Soul finished third in this match with 4 finishes, which was quite a good start for them as it was the first match for them. Team Xspark and GodLike Eliminated early at 8th and 11th position respectively. 

4) Team XO Chicken Dinner with 10 Finishes 

bgmi master series day 1 match 4 team xo chicken dinner

Team XO making an essential comeback in the last match of Day 1, with 10 kill chicken dinner. They clutched it out against the consistenly performing team OR which placed 2nd with 12 finishes. Orangutan again continuing to secure good number of points with five finished and placing third in the last match. 

The  upcoming days will conclude the winner of the week 1 and the top 16 teams which potentially will be qualifying for the final week. Let's witness this amazing game of esports each day until lasts. 

BGMI Masters Series Points Table  

bgmi master series day 1 points table

Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Serie 2022, kick starts its first day with breathtaking performances displayed by the best teams from India. OR Esports and Orangutan outranked all the other teams with their solid consistent performance throughout the day. It's just the beginning but these teams forward will be looking forward to increase the points gap even more. 

bgmi master series points table day 1

The fan-favorite team GodLike Esport had a decent performance in today's matches placing 9th in overall standings. They have to do better if they want to stand a chance of winning the weekly final and qualifying for the Grand Finals. 

Team Soul, placed 12th in the overall points standing in just two matches for the first day. 

bgmi master series day 1 points table

Team Xspark on the other hand got eliminated early in the two matches, placing 19th in overall standings. They will have more matches for them to prove themselves and get higher positioning in the overall standings.

BGMI Master Series Top Fraggers List

bgmi master series day 1 top fragger list

  1. Ces Destro with 12 finishes.
  2. OR Attanki with 11 finishes.
  3. OG Akop with 8 finishes.
  4. Fs Explicit with 8 finishes.
  5. Tx Secrett with 8 finishes. 


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