BMPS Grand Finals teams preferred drop locations

In recent months, BGMI esports has witnessed a significant increase in popularity. Season 1 of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS), which began as a result of the game's popularity, has reached its conclusion. The Grand Finals will take place between June 9 and June 12, 2022, with 16 qualified teams from the League Stages competing for the title.

Several analysts have commented about the drop sites of their different BGMI teams, despite predictions in the gaming community concerning drop fights that will escalate the event.

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals' drop locations

1) Erangel

bmps season 1 grand finals

  1. North Georgopool City - Drop clash between EsportswalaxWSF and Hyderabad Hydras
  2. Six houses and Ferry Pier Split - Team INS
  3. Gatka split - Team Soul
  4. Primorsk - Autobotz Esports
  5. Mylta - Team XO
  6. Novorepnoye - R Esports (if the plane path is on the southern side)
  7. Farm split - Big Brother Esports
  8. Shelter, Prison, and Mansion split - Enigma Gaming
  9. Yasnaya Polyana - Drop clash between Hydra Esports and Global Esports
  10. School apartments and main School building - Orange Rock Esports
  11. Rozhok - FS Esports
  12. Water City split - Kinetic Esports
  13. Severny - R Esports (if the plane path is on the northern side)
  14. Pochinki - 7Sea Esports
  15. Mylta Power and Lipovka - Nigma Galaxy

If either of the BGMI teams decides to modify their drop location in the end, the drop battle between Global Esports and Hydra Esports in Yasnaya Polyana may not materialise.

2) Miramar

bmps s1 grand finals

  1. San Martin - Enigma Gaming
  2. Ruins - Big Brother Esports (if the plane path is on the northern side)
  3. Pecado - Team Soul
  4. El Azahar - EsportswalaxWSF
  5. Cruz del Valle - Hyderabad Hydras 
  6. Los Leones - Drop clash amongst Team XO, Autobotz Esports, and Big Brother Esports 
  7. Puerto Paraiso - Orange Rock Esports
  8. Chumacera - Global Esports
  9. Monte Nuevo - Hydra Esports 
  10. Impala - R Esports
  11. Minas Generales - Kinetic Esports
  12. Campo Militar - Hyderabad Hydras (if the plane path is on the northern side)
  13. La Cobreira - Global Esports 
  14. Power Grid - 7Sea Esports
  15. El Pozo - Team INS
  16. Water Treatment - FS Esports
  17. Hacienda del Patron - Nigma Galaxy
  18. Torre Ahumada - Hydra Esports

3) Sanhok

bmps s1 grand finals drop locations

  1. Bootcamp - EsportswalaxWSF
  2. Paradise Resort - Hydra Esports
  3. Pai Nan - Global Esports
  4. Ruins, Tambong, Na Kham split - Team Soul
  5. Samhee - Nigma Galaxy
  6. Quarry split - Kinetic Esports
  7. Camp Alpha - Hydra Esports
  8. Camp Bravo - Orange Rock Esports
  9. Camp Charlie - Team XO
  10. Mongnai Split - Big Brother Esports
  11. Ha Tinh - 7Sea Esports
  12. Khao - Enigma Gaming
  13. Cave, Kampong split - Team INS
  14. Lakawi - R esports

4) Vikendi

Cosmodrome - Global Esports (if the plane path is on the northern side)
Volnova - Global Esports (if the plane path is on the southern side)
Peshkova - Nigma Galaxy
Villa split - Team INS
Castle - Team XO
Trevno - 7Sea Esports
Winery - Drop clash between Hyderabad Hydras and Team Soul
Movatra, Vihar - Drop clash between Autobotz Esports and Big Brother Esports
Dobro Mesto - EsportswalaxWSF
Cement Factory - Orange Rock Esports
Goroka - Enigma Gaming
Cantra - FS Esports
Podvosto - R Esports
Zabava - Kinetic Esports

The BGMI esports team that dominates on all four maps and remains consistent throughout all 24 matches will be crowned champions of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series 2022 Season 1 tournament.


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