BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day 1 Points Table, Top Fragger and Short overview

BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day 1

The first day of the BMPS Grand Finals 2022 has ended today with Team Soul coming out on top of the points table today. In six matches, Team Soul secured over 81 points thanks to two chicken dinners and 41 kills. OR Esports came in second place following a solid performance, despite not being able to obtain a chicken dinner.

BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day 1 Points Table

With 66 points, Enigma Gaming came in third place, with 35 points coming from eliminations. Global Esports and FS Esports also had a great day, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively, with 64 and 62 points.

Hyderabad Hydras, Team XO, and Nigma Galaxy had a terrible performance, finishing sixth, eighth, and ninth, respectively, with 48, 45, and 39 points. Hydra Official, R Esports, and Kinetic had a rough day, finishing 14th, 15th, and 16th, respectively.

BMPS Grand Finals: Chicken Dinners, Points Table and Overview

The Grand Finals has just begun with a power pack performance by all these teams proving there worth and fighting to claim the title of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Champions. Team soul clearly dominating by those astounding two chickens dinners in todays matches. Let's take a look at other teams who fought for the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

 Match no.  Map Chicken Dinner  
 Match 1  Erangel  GLOBAL ESPORTS
 Match 2   Miramar  TEAM SOUL
 Match 3   Sanhok  TEAM SOUL
 Match 4  Vikendi  FS ESPORTS
 Match 5  Miramar  HYDERABAD HYDRAS
 Match 6  Erangel  ENIGMA GAMING

1. Global Esports with 12 finishes (Manya, Rony, Jokerr, Nakul)


Global Esports won the match with a 12-kill chicken dinner, while OR Esports came in second with nine eliminations. WSF gained 13 points, while FS Esports and Soul each gained 10 points.

As per the finishes are concerns 3 out of 4 players of Global Esports are in Top Fraggers List of Match 1 Erangel.

2) Team Soul with 10 finishes (Omega, Hector, Akshat, Goblin)

With 10 finishers in the second match, Team Soul staged a comeback with the chicken dinner. With 12 and 6 frags, Enigma and INS came in second and third, respectively. FS and Hydra both received 10 points. With six kills, Enigma Evoo was the MVP of the match. Although Eggy and Hector both had five kills.

bmps grand finals day 1 match 2 points table

3) Team Soul with 10 finishes (Omega, Goblin, Akshat, Hector)

bmps grand finals day 1 match 3 points table

Team Soul took down Team XO in their final fight on sanhok map, claiming a back-to-back breath-taking chicken dinner in the second match with 10 finishes. OR Esports came in third with three finishes, while Team XO came in second with five. Global Esports fought fiercely and won 11eliminations.
bmps finals top five fraggers day 1 match 3

4) Fs Espots with 13 finishes (AK47st, Clutch, Hitman, Explicit)

bmps finals day 1 match 4

Underdog team known as FS Esports had a promising performance in the fourth match played on Vikendi as they took advantage of their position, circle favor, and took a 13-kill chicken dinner.WSF and Hydra finished in second and third with 7 and 3 finishes. Team Soul and XO scored four and six points respectively.
bmps grand finals match 4 day 1 top fragger

 5) Hyderabad Hydras with 20 finishes (AceBlack, m4nty, MaxyOP, Carry) 

bmps grand finals day 1 match 5 points standings
Hyderabad Hydras accumulated a huge destroying 20-kill chicken dinner in the 5 match which was played on Miramar map.However, Nigma Galaxy secured 2nd place with 9 kills while Global Esports played a passive gameplay as the team came 3rd with 1 kill.
bmps grand finals day 1 match 5 top fragger

6) Enigma Gaming with 13 finishes (Eggy, Avii, Rexx, Evo)

enigma gaming 13 kills day 1

Enigma Gaming came out on top in the last match of the day, scoring 13 finishes. Without scoring a single point, Hydra and Team INS were eliminated. The day ended with this match on good note.
bmps grand finals day 1 match 6


Overall Standings Day 1 BMPS Grand Finals 2022

bmps grand finals day 1 points table

bmps 2022 grand finals day 1 points table


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