BMPS Grand Finals Day 2 Points Table, Top Fraggers, Short Review, and more

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals Day 2

bmps grand finals day 2 points table, top fragger

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals so far have been a showcase of intense fighting, and they've demonstrated a fondness towards winning the title. With half of the season completed, Team Soul has retained their lead in the BMPS Finals. The team is still in first place, with 161 points earned so far from 73 kills and three chicken dinners.

Global Esports jumped to second place with 128 eliminations after a dominant performance today. With 119 points and two chicken dinners, Enigma moved up to third place.

OR Esports, who had been in second place after the first day, fell to fourth place with 114 points due to the lack of a chicken dinner. FS Esports has also struggled, falling to fifth place with 107 points after day one.

Team XO is currently in seventh place with 92 points, followed by Hyderabad Hydras. Nigma Galaxy came in 11th and 7Sea came in 12th, respectively.

WSF, Team Kinetic, and R Esports, all underdogs, struggled in the finals, finishing 14th, 15th, and 16th, respectively.

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals Day 2 Matchwise Chicken Dinner

Global Esports again claimed the first chicken dinner of  day 2, but they couldn't hold their spot for very long time. Team Soul made a comeback after an incredible chicken dinner in sanhok map and now solidifying their position as the champions of Battelgrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1.

Lets Look at all the teams who got the winner winner chicken dinner!

Match No.  Map   Team Name
 Match 1  Erangel  Global Esports
 Match 2  Miramar  Big Brother
 Match 3  Sanhok  Team Soul
 Match 4  Vikendi  Enigma Gaming
 Match 5  Miramar  Global Esports
 Match 6  Erangel  Autobotz Esports

bmps grand finals day 2 points standings

1) Global Esports Chicken Dinner with 12 finishes bmps grand finals day 2 match 1 points table

The second day began with Global Esports winning the first match played on Erangel for the second time with 12 finishes. With 12 eliminations, Enigma Gaming came in second, followed by FS Esports. OR Esports received only one point, while Hydra Official and Team XO finished third and fourth, respectively.

2) Big Brother Chicken Dinner with 7 finishes

bmps grand finals day 2 match 2 points table

Big Brother won the second match with a 7-kill chicken dinner, while 7Sea took second place with 16 finishes in the Miramar. OR Esports gained 18 points, as Enigma, Global, and Soul got eliminated early in the match. 7Sea Sarang was the match's MVP, with five kills, and his teammate SprayGod (7) was the best fragger.

3) Team Soul Chicken Dinner with 8 finishes

bmps grand finals day 2 match 3 team soul chicken dinner
Team Soul made a brilliant comeback by winning the third match, which was also contested on Sanhok, by an 8-kill.  The bottom team, Team Kinetic, had a nice encounter as well, accumulating 19 points. With only two kills, Team XO finished third.

4) Enigma Gaming Chicken Dinner with 4 finishes

bmps grand finals day 2 match 4 vikendi points table
The fourth match was filled with drama because Hydra Official, who appeared to be winning, was unable to secure chicken dinner. Enigma won the match with only four finishes, however Hydra took second place in the match standings with ten frags.

5) Global Esports Chicken Dinner with 7 finishes

bmps grand finals day 2 match five miramar points table
With seven eliminations in the fifth match, Global Esports claimed their third chicken dinner. Big Brother Esports finished second, followed by Team Soul. In the final circle of the sixth round, Autobotz defeated Nigma Galaxy and Team Soul to win a 12-kill chicken dinner.

6) Autobotz Esports Chicken Dinner with 12 finishes

bmps grand finals day 2 match 6 points table
The day ended with Autobotz Esports a underdog team finally getting securing a chicken dinner with 12 eliminations. Team soul on the other hand performing consistently, Akshat solo survivor getting placements points for his team with 7 finishes. Apollo from Nigma Galaxy being the MVP of the match with 5 kills, and single handedly taking out Team INS out of the game at fourth position. 

BMPS Grand Finals Day 2 Overall Standings 

bmps grand finals day 2 points table

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