BMPS Grand Finals Day 3 Points Table, Top Fragger, and Short Review


bmps grand finals day 3 points table

The day begin with casters taking interview of famous BGMI content creators, and esports personalities such as Scout, Jonathan and Ghatak. Battlegrounds Mobile India Officials declared their thoughts on upcoming tournaments and growth of Esports in India and how they conduct such high league tournaments. 

bmps grand finals day 3 scout interview

Team Soul continues their domination and creating even bigger lead then yesterday. Nigma Galaxy, on the other hand, took two furious chicken dinner back to back which lead them to second position in overall points table.

BMPS Finals Day 3 Chicken Dinner and Finishes

Let's take a look at teams who got the chicken dinner in today's matches.

Match no. Map Team Name Finishes
Match 1 Miramar 7Sea Esports 17
Match 2 Erangel OR Esports 10
Match 3 Vikendi Team Soul 12
Match 4 Erangel Nigma Galaxy 22
Match 5 Miramar Nigma Galaxy 16
Match 6 Erangel BigBrother Esports 20

Match 1: 7Sea Esports Chicken Dinner with 17 finishes

bmps grand finals day 3 match 1 points table

The third day began with 7Sea Esports making their comeback while dominating the miramar lobby with 17 astonishing finishes. Enigma Gaming came third with 9 finishes, followed by Global Esports with 8 finishes. Team soul got eliminated earlier in this match but that's not the end. 

Match 2: OR Esports Chicken Dinner with 10 finishes

bmps grand finals day 3 match 2 points table
The second match ends with OR Esports getting themselves a chicken dinner with 10 finishes. FS Esports with 8 finishes was looking strong but failed to secure the chicken dinner. Global Esports came third with 8 finishes.

Match 3: Team Soul Chicken Dinner with 12 finishes 

bmps grand finals day 3 match 3 points table
Team Soul made a comeback with this match with 12 finishes. They were getting eliminated early due to errors in rotations but this time zone favored them. 7Sea Esports came second with 7 finishes. Hydra Official securing third position with 7 finishes. 

Match 4: Nigma Galaxy Chicken Dinner with 22 finishes 

bmps grand finals day 3 match 4 points table

Nigma Glaxay with 22 finishes destroyed everyone who fabulous performance in this match. R Esports with 10 finishes came second. Team INS with 5 finishes came third in the match no.16.

Match 5: Nigma Galaxy Chicken Dinner with 16 finishes

bmps grand finals day 3 match 5 points table
The Fifth match was again won by Nigma Galaxy with 16 finishes. Team Soul came second with 9 finishes. Team INS again coming third with 7 finishes.

Match 6: Big Brother Esports Chicken Dinner with 20 finishes

bmps grand finals day 3 match 6 points table
Team Soul one-sidedly destroying the last match of the with 20 finishes, but failed to take the chicken dinner. Soul Goblin took highest number of kills in one single match which made him MVP of the day once again winning 1 lakh rupees. Big Brother Esports came second with 10 finishes and chicken dinner points. 

BMPS Finals Day 3 Points Table 

bmps grand finals day 3 points table

Team Soul playing like champions in today's matches, they got eliminated early in the first match but performed consistently with a massive number of finishes. They stand strong in the overall points table with 254 points and no other team has even crossed the 200 points mark yet. Soul Goblin was the MVP of the day and star player for the team who lead them to victory one step at a time.  

Global Esports failed to secure any chicken dinners today and were getting eliminated early. They still have their second position and could come back in the last day if they get multiple chicken dinners with high finishes. But Soul will look forward to continue their domination on the very last day as well. 

Nigma Galaxy performed poorly on first two days but made huge impact by taking two consecutive chicken dinner with high finishes which led them to third position with 169 points in the overall standings. 

bmps grand finals day 3 points table


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