BMPS Grand Finals Day 4 Points Table, Top Fragger, and Short Overview


bmps grand finals winner team soul

Team SouL are the winners of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Grand Finals Season 1! They Played fearlessly and made sure that maintain the gap against their competitors.  

The team that did not qualify for the previous tournament comes back with certain roster changes and wins the next major event.

bmps finals team celebration

Soul Mortal aka. Naman Mathur and Soul Viper came in the last match substituting Omega and Akshat to celebrate this moment of victory. Team Soul after 3 years of struggle finally brought the trophy home again. BGMI brings out such passion and emotion in players which is just amazing to see.

The team had consistent and dominating performance in the Finals, which led them to become the champions. 

BMPS Finals Points Table

bmps finals overall standings

Team Soul created history once again with this incredible team performing like champions in overall tournament. 

OR Esports made a huge comeback after 2 chicken dinner back to back which helped the climb top 3 in overall standings. In an interview the captain looked quite dissatisfied with their performance, knowing what they are capable of they were close to winning it all.

bmps grand finals points table

BMPS Grand Finals Top Fragger of the tournament 

bmps finals top fraggers

  1. Soul Goblin with 71 finishes
  2. Enigma Eggy with 50 finishes
  3. Soul Akshat with 40 finishes
  4. OR Aditya with 33 finishes
  5. INS Joker with 37 finishes
All of the top fraggers were fun to watch throughout the tournament. Soul Goblin has clearly destroyed the server completely with 71 finishes. 

BMPS Grand Finals Day 4 Chicken Dinner and Finishes

 Match No. Map Name   Team Name  Finishes
 Match 19  Erangel  Big Brother Esports  12
 Match 20  Miramar  Global Esports  12
 Match 21  Sanhok  OR Esports   11
 Match 22  Erangel  OR Esports   6
 Match 23  Miramar  Team XO  10
 Match 24  Erangel  Team Soul  14

1. Big Brother Esports Chicken Dinner with 12 Finishes

bmps finals match 19

2. Global Esports Chicken Dinner with 12 finishes 

bmps grand finals day 4 match 2 points table

3. OR Esports Chicken Dinner with 11 finishes 

bmps grand finals points table

4. OR Esports Chicken Dinner with 6 finishes

bmps grand finals points table

5.  Team XO Chicken Dinner with 10 finishes

bmps grand finals points table


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